Aesthetix Pallene

Has anyone heard or seen the new preamp from Aesthetix its called the Pallene any information would be greatly appreciated
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I just did a google search......
I suggest calling John Rutan at Audio Connection in Verona, NJ. He has sold at least one of them. The unit is basically the preamp section from the Mimas Integrated amp and is supposed to be in the same chassis as the Mimas. Good Luck!
Joe good seeing you at Johns yesterday
Pulled the trigger on the amp and preamp when with the Aesthetix Atlas and the Pallene for the same reason you when with the Mimas being able to put in the Phono or DAC down the road is great
For now I'm going to stick with the Arye Codex and the Nova 2  
@tomstruck should be fantastic- I have heard the Mimas and Atlas ( many many times on the later ) both are wonderful. I think Jim certainly knows his way around a DAC. I have his Pandora- Signature and find it very musical.
enjoy !!!!