Aesthetix Pallene

Has anyone heard or seen the new preamp from Aesthetix its called the Pallene any information would be greatly appreciated
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I just did a google search......
I suggest calling John Rutan at Audio Connection in Verona, NJ. He has sold at least one of them. The unit is basically the preamp section from the Mimas Integrated amp and is supposed to be in the same chassis as the Mimas. Good Luck!
Joe good seeing you at Johns yesterday
Pulled the trigger on the amp and preamp when with the Aesthetix Atlas and the Pallene for the same reason you when with the Mimas being able to put in the Phono or DAC down the road is great
For now I'm going to stick with the Arye Codex and the Nova 2  
@tomstruck should be fantastic- I have heard the Mimas and Atlas ( many many times on the later ) both are wonderful. I think Jim certainly knows his way around a DAC. I have his Pandora- Signature and find it very musical.
enjoy !!!!
@tomstruck Did you compare the Calypso with the Pallene? What is the Pallene replacing and can you describe its strengths?
Thanks tomic601 very psyched can't wait until it comes

jc4659 No could to compare it to the Calypso Audio Connection doesn't have one yet the closest thing to it is the Mimas the Pallene is the preamp section of the Mimas and that sounds a lot like the Atlas and Calypos combo and its more in my budget 
I don't think anything is being replaced its just a new item for Aesthetix 
Tommy, I'm sure you will love the Atlas on your speakers. One of the best amp/speaker combos I have heard! Good Luck!
Tommy, I'm sure you will love the Atlas on your speakers. One of the best amp/speaker combos I have heard! Good Luck!
@tomstruck I guess I was really asking what the Pallene pre amp was replacing in your system.  The reason I ask is I have been considering replacing my ayre k-5xeMP pre with a tube pre and have been seriously considering a calypso.  My amp is the Vx-5 twenty.  I am not in a rush b/c I enjoy my current pre + amp (also use a Codex).
Sorry about that jc4659 maybe i misunderstood so the Pallene is replacing my Rogue Cronus Magnum integrated  I have had it with my Vandersteen 2cesigII when i got my Quatros i had the highpass filters put in at Rogue to run the Quatros until Iput the money to gather to move up To the Altas and Pallene
now on to the Ayre great stuff by the way Iam at Audio Connection a lot and all time that I have heard Ayre apms I don't think John has ever play it with anything but an Ayre preamp I would look in to maybe moving up to the KX-5 pre
Love the CODEX I'm the guy who can up with the Codex Cradle  

I have heard the Atlas but not the new Mimas. 
Can you speak about the presentation and sound of the Mimas?

Happy Listening!
I know you asked tomic601 but here is my thoughts on the Mimas like the Atlas and Calypso the Mimas has well rounded sound with great bass control mid range like tube just great sound in HD all in one chassis
you can add up grades like phono ,DAC and highpass filter for speaker like Vandersteen 

Thank You for the brief on Mimas integrated amp. What other gear including cabling was in the demo system?

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The speaker were Vandersteen Treos CT
speaker cables Audioquest Meteor double Bi-wired 
interconnects Audioquest not sure
Blu Sound vault
Ayre CODEX with Codex Cradle 

Thank You for the demo system  information.

Happy Listening!
I have heard Mimas with Treo CT, Vandy Sub 3 in a moderate sized room, approx 15’x18’, table was a VPI with a Delos, I missed IF it had the phono card.

sound was punchy and tight and Vandersteen smooth with zero fatigue.

last time I heard an Atlas it was in a system w Ayre CD spinner, ARC Ref 5 preamp and Vandersteen 7 mk 1 speakers. I have heard the Atlas signature since w other speakers. I would characterize the Atlas as MORE with drive a stake thru the center of the earth tight groove bass. The Mimas for the money is incredible!

now having said that, I have a soft spot in my heart for ARC tube preamps with SS Ayre power.

and in my reference system, I am blessed to have the Vandersteen 7 amplifier..

Thank You for mentioning the demo system. I agree that it is a terrific value.  Now, I have to find an audition.

Happy Listening!
@jafant i would call Jim White at Aesthetix, he will know who has what and where close to you as I recall you are South of Atlanta?


Thank You. Yes, I am close to Atlanta. Nashville,  could be a second option, as it is a little farther away.

Happy Listening!
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