Aesthetix MIMAS

Has anyone heard it yet or time line on it’s release ?
Whats the buzz tel me whats happenings
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Any owners out there? I recently heard this integrated powering a pair of Vandersteen Treo CTs and I thought it sounded terrific. In my opinion, one of the best integrated I have heard in a long time coming in at around $7k.  Not as detailed compared to my Ayre AX5/20 but the mids seem to sound better on the Mimas, I’m guessing due to the tube pre amp section (need to listen for a longer period at home).  I’m planning to audition the unit at home at some point. 
certainly on my list to listen....
Jim White has ears and is a solid engineer..
I have his Pandora SIg DAC, pretty happy...

having said that Ayre and Brinkmann also in running in that class of gear, Pass also.....
I had the Mimas in my home system for a week after listening to it extensively at my dealers with Vandersteen Treo’s , Vandy model 2’s and some Proac floor-standers, I cant recall the model. One of the best sounding amps I have ever heard. Made my Harbeth’s sound amazing. I have one on order and can’t wait to receive it. It will be replacing an Ayre AX-7e. Your Ax-5/20 is no slouch though, so I would definitely try to hear the Mimas in your system and see how they compare. 
 @joey54  congrats !!!! i know a guy w Quattro and the MIMAS on order...oh how spoiled he will be.......
bumping this one.  I have one on order with the built in DAC.   Any other user impressions or has anyone else heard this one?
It's the best integrated that I have heard. Sounds amazing with my Harbeth's. I didn't hear that the DAC was shipping yet. I will be interested to hear your impressions on it. It wasn't out when I ordered mine and I am still using my Codex. The plan has always been to add the DAC. Great to hear that it's shipping. 
I heard it at AXPONA, in one of my two favorite rooms there. Very natural sound, just lovely. If memory serves, it was paired with Aerial 6t speakers.
Yes, the one at AXPONA did have the DAC in it. I believe it was being driven by a laptop computer.
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of those that have auditioned and or purchased the Aesthetix IN
T, now that you have some EXP with it, what are your thoughts?

I'm very interested in this piece and would like to know more about it and where I might get a great overalll buying experience.

especially for the poster who paired his Harbeths ... which model Harbeths are or were paired?

I'm on the bottom level just begining again to put together another system, likely for my ofice, but the ability of the Nemus to expand intrigues me as does its flexibility, e.g., DA; phono; etc.

Huge thanks!!
I know joey54 has the Mimas and Harbeths but changed to Vandersteen Treos in the last month  he would be good contact for you
Looks like a great piece.  I wanted to hear it when I was looking for a new integrated amp recently. Wasn't able to. Ended up with an Ayre AX5 Twenty, which I am thrilled with.  Look at both if you can.
I have had the Mimas in my system for some time now and given my listening priorities I think it's the best integrated I have heard. I had an Ayre integrated for many years and I still like Ayre amplifiers but none of them are as musical as the Aesthetix. The only integrated that I would say compares was the Musical Fidelity Tri-Vista 300.

When I first heard the Mimas with my Harbeth SHL5+'s it fleshed out the midrange and bass and reminded me why Harbeth's have the reputation they do. I had been getting restless listening to the Harbeth's as I was not connecting to the music like I had before. That really turned out to be a speaker issue but I corrected that. 

For some background, I have owned other Aesthetix products in the past, the Calypso and Atlas, and loved them with my Vandersteen Quatro's. In fact I still think Vandersteen speakers sound best with Aesthetix gear. When I moved to Italy I had to sell the system. When I came back I moved into a loft apartment and decided to go with an integrated amp choosing Ayre over Hegel, Luxman and Musical Fidelity. The Mimas was not available at the time.

I have just added the DAC card and changed my speakers to the Vandersteen Treo CT's and it has made my listening experience even more enjoyable. The sheer musicality of this amp keeps me up late many nights. The phono stage is also really good and sounds better than my current phono stage. I cannot use it in my system right now as my turntable is about 5 meters away from the Mimas.

For a dealer I recommend JohnnyR at the Audio Connection in Verona NJ. He is the best dealer I know and sold me all of my audio gear since 1994. Good Luck!