Aesthetix Io transformer noise

Calling Aesthetix Io owners. How normal is noise ( a constant buzzing sound) from the transformer in the power supply ? Should it be audible 5 ft away ? This is a new unit with barely 20 hrs on it.To hear anything from the transformers on my Parasound JC1s I have to put my ear up against the top plate and then only faintly audible. Experiences will be greatly appreciated.

No this is not normal contact Asthetix.
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I have a IO it was a bit noisy not bad developed a power supply issue sent it in paid for the eclipse upgrade 6 or 8K came back unbearably noisy! Called Glen said yea he noticed it was a little noisy, WTF I sent it in paid a small fortion to make it perfect, they also took forever on the repair.  They offered no solutions to the noise said I could send it back and pay for another repair!   Through the thing in a closet and it has been sitting there since, was so frustrated and broke have not listened to vinal in 2 years.  Might be good new out of the box but the things sucks other wise and the company had no idea how to fix them or is unwilling it is just to cmplacated and to many tubes.  Have there mono blocks as well and they have a mysterious issue where they just shut down, I would avoid the brand.  The only good thing they have is there clyspo have had 2 of those both great.   
That's outrageous that they sent it back after an upgrade worse than before and expected you to pay for additional repairs......It's not the first time I've heard of them doing that to customers.   Sorry to hear that ,  Asthetix is definitely a brand I would steer clear of.    

This is a bad co and a worse unit i would dump it and get a unit from a good co.Good luck.

OP, sorry to hear about your problems.  I had similar experience with Aesthetix, it took about month and a half to get a reply from the headman ~ Jim White.  Dropped the brand altogether and decided to go with Modwright Instruments.  

Dan Wright is a great guy, very knowledgeable and top notch customer service.  
Wow and people still buy this brand?  Buyer beware. 

After reading this I can only conclude Aesthetix must have changed a lot since I owned them.  My IO and Callisto were first rate and transformers were quiet.   Yes, finding superb, quiet tubes is tougher than ever especially if you love NOS variety.

Perhaps as long as they have been around these few posts represent only a few dissatisfied customers ?

I'm surprised Glenn and Jim White did not respond to complaint about noise.  I know there was a transformer update some years ago and if I recall it involved Mercury Magnetics transformers.
thnx to all.
have since contacted dealer and am waiting for response from Aesthetix; hoping to get this resolved asap because aside from the transformer noise and lack of full breakin, the unit already began to sound very promising.

rost, sorry to hear about your difficult experience and happy to hear your local dealer is helping you. I have a system with Aesthetix electronics and dealing with Jim White has always been a great experience.

I upgraded my Aesthetix Rhea to the Signature version and it came with a new warranty when the work was done. Maybe yours would have received an extended warranty as well.

Best of luck in resolving your problems.

Jim Perry
jperry583 posts04-18-2016 2:14pmrost, sorry to hear about your difficult experience and happy to hear your local dealer is helping you. I have a system with Aesthetix electronics and dealing with Jim White has always been a great experience.

In all fairnessI feel it is important to let all know that I´ve been contacted by Jim White stating his wishes to solve this issue ASAP.

Hmmm, I guess he monitors this and other forums.......

Does your problem got fixed by Aesthetix?
Unit was sent back to Aesthetix. They were very kind but after extensive listening couldn't find anything wrong suggesting it was possibly due to line voltage matters suggesting I try a line conditioner, which I did but only made matters worse. Noise increased  considerably, not only from the IO but now the transformers of my amps were also  buzzing loudly. So I disconnected the line conditioner and although the IO was beginning to show much promise without even being broken in, transformer noise issues aside, ultimately returned the IO and am now on the hunt for a quiet tube phono stage. MalValve looks quite interesting.