Aesthetix IO Signature Tube questions?


I am very happy with my IO Signature. I am preparing to stock up on replacement tubes, hoever I am a little confused. The IO user manual describes that V1 and V2 are 12AX7LP; when I look for tubes do I need to get exact replacements? What does the LP mean at the end of 12AX7LP. Another thing that has me confused is that V3 and V4 are labeled in the manual, 12AX7WB, but the actual tubes that came with the unit are not both 12AX7WB, V4 is a Sovtek 12AX7WB and V3 is a Teslovak E83CCS. Is E83CCS a replacement for the 12AX7WB? The IO sounds fine with the tubes in place. What exactly is a 12AX7WB? Can I use any form of 12AX7 tubes for the 1st and 2nd input stages?

One final question; I see people rolling the power supply tubes by switching from the EL34's to KT-66s, is this a good alternative replacement for the IO power supply? I am new to the whole tube world and have had tube equipment for about 3 years, Octave 130watt mono amps and preamp from Germany. I use EHKT88's in the monos, previously they were TAD KT88's which were prone to giving up the ghost, probably because of my extended and high level listening sessions:).

I would appreciate any comments or suggestions about the tube questions. The IO is new and I am giving the stock SOVTEK's time to burn in.

One final note, I placed the PS under the phono-amp section yesterday (Copulare) equipment rack. The background became even more quieter, with a slight lowering of the tube noise floor. I am using 62db gain right now and at 9-10 o'clock positions on the preamp the music is plenty loud enough with deep room moving bass and dynamic enough to give you that breathtaking explosive feeling and transposrt you into the recording session, as if you are live with the musicians.

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If you do a search here you will find plenty of suggestions.

Here's a link to get you started:

The first two tube in each channel are critical V1 &V2 L&R.

These are normally supplied as low noise tested Sovtek LP from Aesthetix. The LP is probably the lowest noise new stock tube available today. Hence it is supplied with the new Io.. subbing in super low noise telefunkens here will do you well except for the ding to the pocket book. The other 12ax7's especially the sovtek WA suffix are middle of the road in sonic quality..IOW you can use any type of 12ax7 as long as the first two are super low noise..the others are less critical but should be of good quality.

I use Mullard el34's in the power supply I have the GEC kt66 on hand but never tried them yet..good luck