Aesthetix Io sgn. not working, please help

HI Guys, i need help
My enjoyment for couple weeks and back to problem on MY less than 1 year old IO sgn.
This is my fault,
i have the cover removed because i was tube rolling, so i replaced V1 with Psvane 12ax7 matching pair and Psvane C-181 matching pair, both sounded good both less than 8 hrs.
i have to remove my Callisto and Io because i need to hang new projector screen on the wall,
So it was slightly dusty i clean it carefully.
Replaced all units and Left channel have sound but not right speaker. checked CD both speakers GOOD.
Checked and interchange IC on phono to TT, and IC phono to pre, all cable good.
Checked fuses on PS of IO good.
Checked and interchange the right channel tube to left channel tube still only left speaker got sound.

Now i created new problem, i power off but did not unplug the PC. one IC with both end not connected i accidentally drop the ic and it hit the right channel of i think is cooling black element where it marks R66 and Q3( there is 4 black capcitors very close ot it)
Now both speakers no sound.
i am having huge problem now,
DID i shorted the Cart dyna XX2Mk2?
did i while cleaning damaged anything that on the surface there is no sign of it.?
Should i rerun the tube test again?
Finally i think i have to ship to Glenn. i lived in British Columbia.
Do anyone think there is problem in the PS of IO.

My last problem on Callisto was faulty telefunken on V1 on both channel.likely gain issue and my Callisto is working good.

Any advise i should do before ship out to Glenn.
I was going to recommend contacting Glenn Buckley at Aesthetix but see that you already have him in mind.
Hi Thanks Dopoge
i tested my Cart is good with another phono pre. thanks God
i thought i blown that coil.