aesthetix IO owners: How long do your tubes last?

I am in the market for a used IO. I have hesitated on a few used ones because of the age of the tubes. I assume teh replacement cost is 3k or so. Are there cheaper sources of matched tubes and how long do they last? I would switch it on and off.
The IO for 3k represents a great value IMO.
When I bought my IO back in 2006 I changed the tubes ( as per Albert Porter suggestion) in the phono stage and left the ones in the power-supply stock.
Happily, five years later and still enjoying the music with no noise issues.
If you do change the tubes in the phono stage, somseveral pairs will need to be ultra low noise type. Had Andy from Vintage Tube service supply mine. Andy is very knowledgeable.
Hope this was of help.
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Sm2727, the Io is not at all hard on tubes. The likely
candidates for earliest replacement will be the 12AX7 tubes
in the gain stages (2 tubes in each of 3 gain stages). I
have had my Io Signature since 2001 and have replaced the
12AX7 tubes in the first two gain stages once, about 3 1/2
years ago. I replaced them with stock tubes from Aesthetix
and the cost was moderate. I don't think you need to fear a
$3k bill for tube replacement when buying a used Io.

FWIW, I have tried a variety of vintage tubes in the Io
based on recommendations seen here on Audiogon and
elsewhere. I have consistently preferred the stock 12AX7LPS
tubes from Aesthetix to the vintage tubes I've sampled. Jim
White says his customers split about 50/50 on this issue. My
point being: don't fear the cost or tube replacement and
don't think you have to buy super-expensive vintage tubes to
get the best from the Io.

It's a superb phono stage. I encourage you to move ahead.

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The first time I did some tube rolling in the Aesthetix IO Sig, was when I started to hear a tube or so making some noise. I isolated the culprit or culprits, the V1 and V2 stages. At the time I tried various tubes in all three gain stages. I finanlly settled on some Mullards and then going back to some new Sovtek 12AX7LPS for the V1 stages, they seem to make magic in that position. I believe a full tube replacement from Aesthetix for the IO is about $800, however, if you pick and choose replacement tubes yourself, the prices are considerably lower.

I am not sure why my original Aesthetix IO tubes started making noises, but the replacements have been in a couple of years now, with extensive weekend use, and no problems, just excellant musical reproduction.

One little note, once you do get the correct tubes in, their is a sheen of life in the vocal and musical reproduction. It just makes music sound hauntingly real.

There's a thread either here or on the asylum that mentions the user keep the IO on 24/7 for a year. The tubes were down 5 to 15% after that time. That amounts to a long time for the typical user. If I remember correctly, they were NOS tubes, not stock.

Speaking of the stock tubes, I'm not a fan at all. If forced to live with the Sovtek's, I would sell the IO and find something different. Just a different opinion from the two above.
Very helpful responses. Thank-you. I heard of tubes lasting in phono stages for 4-6 months and that freaked me a bit. I had heard phonos were hard on tubes. I guess it must vary quite a lot by design. thank-you all for sharing your experiences.