Aesthetix IO Mk II vs. BAT VK-P10SE w/ superpak

I am looking to upgrade from my current BAT VK-P5 phono stage. I am considering either the Aesthetix IO Mk II or the BAT VK-P10SE with Superpak. The rest of my system consists of a BAT VK-51SE preamp with BAT VK-60 monoblocks and Dunlavy SC-IV speakers. I am using a Lyra Helicon on a VPI TNT table with JMW 12" arm. Can anyone share their experiences with either or both of these phono preamps? Thanks in advance.
Ok, I've got some pretty good input I think. Check out my system first. I've gone from a p5 to a p10, to the p10se and now with the superpak version. I will say, that while the p5 is good, you have no clue what your vinyl can sound like yet. Expect orders of magnitude improvement.

I have heard the Aesthetix Rhea (in my system) with the p10se (non superpak at the time). Rhea was extremely good, if I was buying new, I would have bought it over the p10se. Better detail, better on the extremes, better width. The standard p10se, better in depth and midrange magic. Also, just like the other bat stuff...just sounds pretty good.

I have 2 friends with Io MK II Signatures. I have heard it extensively, but not in my system. I think your better off of with a P10SE superpak vs the standard Io mkII. Better synergy, plus I'd spend the extra $$'s somewhere else in your current system. The Io Sig, is wonderful, hard to beat for any amount of money.

Also, spend some cash on your arm cable from your VPI. Use the XLR input on the BAT.

My next step is likely upgrading my Helikon to either a Titan i or a Dyna XV-1s.

The P10SE Superpak will be a stellar upgrade for you. I'd spend $$'s next on arm cable (purist venustas phono good choice, then maybe update your VK60's to SE status. The 60-75se was a monster updgrade for me as well. I've read the 60se and 75se are pretty close.

Good luck
I have to agree with Jfrech. Given your other BAT equipment, I would go with the BAT P10SE with Superpak and upgrade to either 75SE or 150SE amps. The P10SE, as Jfrech says, has the midrange magic and depth and the 75/150SE amp(s)are a huge upgrade, similar to the jump from VK50 to 51SE
I have compared the BAT VK-P10SE with an IO Signature at a local dealer many times. The IO lives up to its reputation as the better unit.

I have also had the BAT VK-P10SE in my system at home which uses Dunlavy SC-IVa speakers (which are wonderful). I rank it as the third best phonoamp I have home-auditioned after a Nagra PL-P phonamp/linestage combination and the Wavestream Kinetics phonoamp which I currently have. The Wavestream is comparable to the IO.

All are excellent phonoamps.

Other units I have considered were the Sutherland PhD, the Tom Evans Groove and Microgroove+ and some Air Tight products. I have never heard the Manley Steelhead although many consider it to be good candidate as well.