Aesthetix eclipse upgrade from 1PS to 2 PS

Hi fellow Audiophile,
i have bought Eclipse with 1PS and i love it, my question Do anyone here heard or have upgraded to 2PS with very satisfaction result and very great enjoyment?
i have gone from Calypso to Callisto sgn. to Eclipse with 1PS.
i want to upgrade to 2PS and later with the IO sgn. too.
Hi Chris

I can't answer your question fully, as I upgraded from a 1 PS Callisto Sig to an all new 2 PS Eclipse. The Eclipse has a much blacker background, bigger sound stage, more dynamic and bass with ease, and a more refine and liquid (less grain) sound.

I am very happy with it?
Hi Thekong
Thanks for your reply, i think that what Jim said a blacker background, Do you have Io? i have Io sgn. with 1PS.
I probably upgrade to 2PS for the eclipse first.
Hi Chris,

I am not sure whether the blacker background was due to the Eclispe upgrade or the 2 PS, but the improvement was quite obvious.

I am also interested in the Io Eclipse with 2 PS, but unfortunately the Hong Kong agent cannot set up an audition yet!

Have you compared the Io to other phonos, and what is your finding? I have auditioned the Rhea (non-Sig) a few years ago, but found it too noisy when set at maximun gain.
Hi Thekong
i have not do any Io comparing but is the best i have owed when i started vinyl 2 years ago, my first one was PS audio.
There many Io user in this forum.
My system is quiet, just a bit of hiss sound if i am near my Hansen Emperor but not noticeable when music is play or when crossing to next track.
NOS is very much better than stock tube.