Aesthetix,cary audio and pass lab synergy

Hi there,
This is my first posting here and i am glad to be a part of this forum as i have been reading a lot from here before i joined up.

Coming from a car audio enthusiast over the years and after marriage things have changed and i have been looking, reading and auditioning over the past 6 months or so for a proper home proper hifi set up.
I will building my system around a pair of dyns confidence C1 speakers which I have acquired from my uncle who sold it for a very good price.

Finally i have narrowed down to these few brands that I am seriously looking into Aesthetix, cary audio, pass labs and rogue audio. These are the only brands that appealed to me due to its price ,sound and support.
CDP/DAC : Aesthetix Romulus
Preamp : Aesthetix Callisto, cary audio slp-05, pass xp-20
Amp : Aesthetix Atlas, cary S500.1, x250.5 and rogue M-180
Others are like ARC, Lamm, audio note, bryston and audio space i did auditioned but somehow it was either above my budget or it just didn't sound right to me. Also the dyns are on the power hungry side which was a factor for me when driving it with to its full potential which was why i didn't include cary tube amps ,passx100.5 monos and atlas monos(again also due to price factor).
Now the problem i am facing, is trying to get a good understanding on these system synergy when mixing these brands and a comparison shootout between these brands as its hard for me to get it on loan as I stay very far from those audio shops. So my question is :
1) Has anyone heard/auditioned a combination between these brands together such as romulus--slp-05--atlas as in compare to a full aesthetix setup or even a mixmatch such as romulus--slp 05--rogue M 180?

I have heard a full same brand matching but the curiosity side of me was to always think of better system synergy by mixing it up (this was how i did for my car audio and there was nothing on the same brand for my final setup)

2)for that some reviews showed that slp-05 was not a good combination with the SS pass x250.5 due to its impedance miss match how would it be with the combination of slp-05 or xp-20 with atlas amp or even rogue m180?

Well that's all for now, there will definitely be more questions coming from me but for now i shall leave it to this only.
Hoping for all of those who have had the experience and pleasure of listening to this brands could please chime in and give your advice to a noob like me..Cheers

that has to be some sweet gear combinations! Keep me posted on this, as I really want to read your impressions.
Individually, I have spent time w/ these brands, never together in the same system.

Regarding cables/cords, I strongly suggest Silent Source based in Dallas TX. Outstanding synergy w/ Pass labs and Aesthetix brands. A close second, would be Signal Cable.
A third option, the newest Wireworld offerings.

Happy Listening!
thanks for the suggestion jafant, i definitely will keep that in mind..currently i have vdh the first rca's and kimbers I'll slowly look into other cables..
After spending the day with the M180's I can say they are excellent. They are not as good as the XA100.5's which have a naturalness and effortless sound the M180's are as close as I have heard. The M180s are truly excellent amps. With the price difference I would buy the M180's again and again. I would probably suggest the rogues over the X series but not over the XA. Hope this helps
Great information here. I have been wondering about Aesthetix vs Pass amps recently. Haven't been able to do any comparative listening myself. I currently have a Modwright tube pre which I am very happy with. Interested how it would pair with Pass and Aesthetix amps. Please continue to report your findings.