Aesthetix Calypso with SS power amp: good or bad ?

Folks, wondering if any of you have tried Calypso with SS power amp?

At present working on my set up and by the moment have got
- Sonus Faber Auditor M,
- CD Electrocompaniet EMC 1up
- power amp Electrocompaniet 250

Searching for preamp and Calypso is on top of the list.

It was advised by few people and it's in budget.

Any other alternative to suggest ?


I use the Calypso with 2 Pass Labs Aleph 3s, bi-amping Audio Physic Virgo II speakers. Some threads have called the Calypso noisy...I havn't had that experience. I did change the stock tubes and have rolled thru several nos and used tubes with great success (and lots of fun). I have used all the Pass Labs preamps with the exception of the new XP series. I also tried the Audio Horizons 2.1 and the Pass designed Adcom. The Aesthetix Calypso takes the cake in my system.
Hello: I'm using the Calypso with nuforce se/v39s.I have changed out the stock tubes and went to vintagetubes for better ones Andy is very knowledgeable. He can match up to exactly what you want in sound. I'm very happy with my setup so far soundwise. As far as my amps go for a match I'm happy with that. It really depends on what your ears like for sound because every set of ears is slightly different. Good luck
I think I've had my Calypso for about 3 years now... a record for me. Have used
it successfully with both ss (Plinius SA-102) and now tubes (McIntosh MC275
mk V). The ability to tweak the sound to ones liking by rolling tubes make it a
keeper for me. If you do get a Calypso, prepare to roll good NOS tubes, as you
will likely be disappointed using the stock or current re-issue tubes. As an
added bonus, Aesthetix is an american company... Glenn Buckley & Jim White
provide friendly, first rate customer service.
I have just picked up a Calypso preamp and it is an excellant match with my McCormack DNA-225 Platinum+ amp.
Part of the mods done by SMc Audio raised the input impedance of the modded amp to 40K. The stock DNA-225 however was 10K and impedences of 10K or less was not considered a good match according to the Stereophile review of the Calypso. I checked with Steve McCormack and he saw no problem with the modded amp matching the Calypso and he was right. It is excellant. I am also using NOS tubes from Andy at Vintage Tube Services. Andy's recommendations were superb.
Hi Pdreher,
I had on hand a set of NOS Amperex 6922 Mirror Matched very low microphonic tubes from Andy that I had been using in a phono stage till I sold it. So they went in the 6922 position. Now it was time to replace the stock 12AX7 tubes. Two recommendations from Andy. Either some matched low noise Amperex or Telefunkens. I could have Amperex tubes and sound all the way through which Andy said you absolutely could not go wrong. Or use the Telefunkens which did all the same good things that the Amperex does but has a certain vividness to them. Andy was able to assure me that the vividness did not equate to brightness which I knew I would not like. More like a bit of life to the music. Andy said he can not prefer one over the other so he goes back and forth and back and forth over the two and enjoys them both equally. I settled on the Telefunkens to start and they are excellant. I also will be getting the Amperexes too at some point. I would enjoy comparing the two and using them to enjoy the music. Andy also applauded the purchase of the Calypso and felt that with good NOS tubes it performs and competes at a level soo much higher. Also I am new at posting and noticed that "system" can appear with posts. This can be useful when asking advice. How do you have "system" appear with a post?
I had an Aesthetix Calypso paired with a Bryston amp and it was an excellent match.Never experienecd noise problems,my understanding that these issues were a result of faulty resistors and were resolved several years ago by the manufacturer.Replaced the Calypso with the latest version of an Audio Horizons tube line stage,which handily out performed the Calypso and remains my current reference.
I too had great success with the Calypso and SS power amps...with an Electrocompaniet EMC-1 front end.