Aesthetix Calypso upgrade to Signature version ?

If it is that you have upgraded your stock Calypso to the Signature version, pls comment how you have found the results and if you feel it is worth the money.
Thank you.
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I owned the Calypso for approximately 3 years and loved it. I now have the Calypso Signature and can tell you it's wonderful and definitely better than the base Calypso. The signature is more refined, focused and sounds very lifelike to me. The imaging is really pinpoint and the Signature version is even smoother than the original. Bass notes are more defined, the highs are extended yet very smooth and relaxed... and piano is very realistic with the Signature, unlike any other system I have previously owned.

Keep in mind, I'm using the Signature with the CJ Premier 140 amp, vs. having used a McIntosh MC275 MK V with the regular Calypso. Even with that being said, I originally tried a CJ Premier 14 preamp with my CJ Premier 140 amp... and the Calypso Signature has proven to be a substantial upgrade... as it should for almost twice the price ;-)
i also own calypso, just got my IO sgn yesterday, i have to said it bring music to next level, but one PS is hot, now i understand why someone said it burn your real estate, the PS run hotter than my krell FPB600, but then again you love it and enjoy it , thats matter.
So if i will to up grade i will go for callisto sgn.
because partly Jupiter series is real high end, and you don't have to sacrifie loss of downtime.
Of course extra cost, save up and delay for Callisto