Aesthetix Calypso Power Cord

I recently purchased a Calypso hear on audiogon along with some nos tubes. I am very pleased it has been a great addition but as always I am looking for that little extra. I wanted to see if any Calypso owners had acheived an improvement with the addition of a better power cord.
I'm using one I made from CryoMax III wire and Furutech FI-11(ag) IEC and FI-11M (cu) AC connectors. I've built a ton of these for myself and friends with no complaints yet and they DEFINITELY sound better than the stock cord on my Calypso at cost of ~$100 or so. The parts are available from CryoParts (no connection, just a satisfied customer).

Good luck, Dave
I use a Cardas Golden Ref. PC with my Calypso. No complaints.
I us a Fusion Audio Enchanter - it was a VERY nice and large improvement over other cables I had used (Blacksand, Sororan etc..) - it almost made as much of an improvement as the Mullard 10M 12ax7's.
I've tried 3 different power cords on my Calypso - VH Flavour 4; Pure Note Paragon enhanced & Black Sand Silver Reference Mk V.
The VH is surprisingly good in this company but in the end, I prefered the Black Sand Silver Ref. It was just as quiet as the Pure Note but the sound had better dynamics & sparkle.
One thing is clear; any one of these cords is a big improvement over the stock cord.
Hope this helps.
I use a Virtual Dynamics David 2.0 with excellent results, dynamics, sound stage etc.......