Aesthetix Calypso good match for ATC actives?

Does anyone have experience with partnering an Aesthetix Calypso preamp with Active ATC's? I am looking for a good balanced pre to match my SCM20asl pro's. I have a Kuzma Stabi S turntable with a Dynavector XV1s cartridge currently being run through a Whest Audio PS 2.0 phono stage.

I would like to upgrade to a fully balanced system eventually as it suits my room layout (longer run of cables etc) My first upgrade would be a well matched pre to the ATC's and then the phono stage.

I would happily look at any second hand balanced pre around the $2,500.00 USD mark that an experienced ATC owner recommends. Your advise would be much appreciated. Thankyou!
Thankyou to Ramses who advise that due to the Calypso's output impedance of 300ohms it will degrade the sound of the ATC's required input impedance of 10 ohms. Does anyone have experience of a high quality pre-amp with a low (under 100ohm) balanced output impedance? I am currently looking at either of the following second hand pre's;
Classe CP-60
Plinius CD-LAD
Your ideas would be much appreciated. Thanks again to Ramses for his input.