Aesthetix Calypso getting hot on the left side

I've just bought a used Aesthetix Calypso preamp and I'm very happy with its sound.
But I'm worried as it gets hot over the left side of it.
The source of the heat is on the left side of the common board, just on the left of the AC cable channel before it enter the transformers enclosure.
It's definitely hotter than on the right side, but not so hot that I couldn't place my hand on the cover over it.

Do you think this is normal?

That's where the tubes are. The tubes for the right channel are in the middle and the ones for the left channel are all the way over to the left. There are no tubes near the right corner. No tubes, no heat.
Thanks for the response.

The heat comes from the capacitors or the tranzistor on the left side of the common board (just on the left of the power cord groove).
I hope this helps.
Kiriak -

any tubed gear will get warm to hot. No worries, make certain that it is well-ventilated.
Thanks for the answer!

Do you mean that the tubes get hot?

In my piece, the tubes get a little warm,
but some other components ( a transistor or a few capacitors) on the other common board, just to the left of the power cord canal, get quite hot.

Does an owner of a Calypso have noticed this specific issue?

Excuses for me repeating on this.........
I have a Janus and previously had a Calyso. The left chanel tube is much close to the left side than the right channel tube is to the right left side is warmer than the right side. I don't believe you have an issue.
"The heat comes from the capacitors or the tranzistor on the left side of the common board (just on the left of the power cord groove)."

Are the ones in your unit red or yellow?
it sounds reassuring

I have the one with the yellow capacitors.

But the heat does not come from this board (with the tubes) but from the common board with the black smaller capacitors and the alone transistor that is between them, just on the left of the mains cable groove.

Many thanks to all of you!!
Have you contacted Aesthetix? That is what I would do instead of asking the question here.
I'll contact Aesthetix, I hope I'll get a reply from them.

Thanks to all!!
Keep us posted, Kiriak.
I got this answer from Aesthetix

For the area that you mentioned, it is normal for it to get fairly warm.

This was a same day answer and thanks to them for the immediate response!
See how easy that was? Always go to the most knowledgeable source first.
I can't understand why people have to ask these questions here when they can email or call the manufacturer.
I couldn't imagine Aesthetix would answer this; I've asked other manufacturers about more serious issues and never got an answer.

Again credits to Aesthetix for its support.

I don't know if you get a response from AR before asking this here