Aesthetix Calypso Gain Setting

I bought a second-hand Calypso a few months back and am really enjoying it, but I have a question about whether (and how) to adjust the gain setting. I believe it is currently set to the factory default (which is at high gain).

When hooked up to my amplifier, a Simaudio W-3, I set the volume control on my Calypso to ~25 to reach normal listening levels. Does this seem low to anyone? I feel like I have a small window of usable volume adjustments to work with.

I figure if I can lower the Calypso's gain, I'll have more room with volume control. Can someone tell me how to adjust the gain?

I'm not even certain that I want the gain lower...but I do know that I would enjoy trying it out to see what it sounds like.

Hi Niravp,

That does seem low; I have my Janus on low gain, and typically run in high 40s to low 50s. Low gain setting also reduces tube hiss noticeably.

To change the gain on the Calypso, turn power off for 20 mins, remove top, and locate jumper block for each channel. To find this, locate V2 tube (the left hand one), move right past a block of four resistors, and you should find the jumper block (just to left of two yellow capacitors). The jumper block has four positions, and if the Calypso is on high gain, there should be a shunt in the upper one and the lower one, with two empty positions in between. To change to low gain, move both shunts from the outside to the inside positions. Then repeat for the other channel.

Note: older versions (at least of the Janus) did not have this jumper block in which case obviously you can't adjust the gain. If in any doubt, email [email protected] and he can send you detailed instructions/diagrams,


Thanks David,

I revised the gain settings and am happy with the change! I appreciate your detailed instructions.