Aesthetix Calypso compatible with Pass amps?

I currently own an Aesthetix Calypso preamp and was considering pairing it with Pass XA-100 monos, however the Pass has an input impedance of 22k. Does anyone out there have any experience regarding using the Calypso with Pass amplification, and are there any issues? I know the Aesthetix website says it requires 10k single ended, 20 k balanced for best results, however 22k is cutting it pretty close. I would appreciate any feedback.
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Hi Darrin,

That impedance match should not be any issue whatsoever.

I know BAT says 10/1 is fine, and more conservative companies like ARC/Aesthetix recommend 20 or even 30/1. Your Calypso has a 600 output impedence, the Pass' 22K input impedence represents more than a 36/1 ratio.

I don't think impedence will be any factor at all in this situation. FWIW, I currently am using a tube preamp with an output impedence of 600 ohms into my amps with an input impedence of 18K ohm with no issues at all.

I had tryd the Calypso with my Pass 250.5 it was a nice match. But a little to layed back for me & The upper end was a little (and I mean a little)on the dark side. Bass was real good not to fat & real tunefull. Midrange was open & transparent really really good. My speakers are Totom Forest. Hope this helps you.
I've used this very combination, and there is no impedance mismatch if run in balanced. I totally disagree with Ben954. The Calypso is not dark in any respect at all. If anything, it can be a bit brightly lit in the top end with this amp. The Pass 250.5 is hardly laid back in the high end either. It is a decent match, though I would not recommend this combinaton with metal tweeters, only soft domes.
Rhythmace4218, e-mail Pass with all the specs for your preamp and asked them if there may be any issues. They're pretty good responding to e-mails.
Calypso has 29db output gain, which may be pretty high for the Pass amp. I have adjustable gain on my preamp with 600ohms out-impedance just like the Calypso and when I set the gain to 24db in balanced mode, the amp is getting driven too hard I think. I end up using either 12db or 18db output gain, depending on what I'm listening to.
But I never use the high-gain setting.

But as I said, you better ask the people who build the amps.
I am really trying to get a feel for the sound of these pre-amps. I was just corresponding with some one who owns the Grange model and sellng because he says 'microphonics are driving him brain crazy"

This pre is for a second system for me, not my main but I want to be able to get the best out of it.

I am looking at the Sauvigon or Cabernet in line stage only.

Thoughts would be appreciated.
Thank you all for your input. It has been very helpful.
Dev, did you read the title of this post?
Rhythmac24218, I don't no how that happened. Must be the pre-amp shacks or something.

For some reason the beginning of my thread did not go through, it was all about the Calypso and then asking if anyone had compared to bla! bla! bla! the rest of my thread which is there.
DEV ;) Thats funny you kill me HE HE.................. Kevziek Did you not read this part->(and I mean a little) I loved the Calypso it is very fine for the $$$$$$$$$ EVERY SYSTEM IS DIFFERENT.CABLES/PC/CON/CD PLAYER/ANALOG/HOME/WOOD OR CEMNT. YOU GET IT I HOP.
Just so I'm 100% clear...

the goal is to min the ratio (all things equal) - so 10:1 is preferred to say a 36:1 -- or am I mixed up? I'm looking at moving to the very same combo.

I posted previously and was told SF Line 2 would be a nice complement due to its relative low impedance - a nice match for the pass

and what is the result of a higher versus a lower ratio - many thanks

(I understand there is much more to it than this one ratio...)
03-06-07: Mole_rit_sua
Just so I'm 100% clear...

the goal is to min the ratio (all things equal) - so 10:1 is preferred to say a 36:1 -- or am I mixed up? I'm looking at moving to the very same combo.

You are mixed up. A 36:1 ratio is preferred to a 10:1 ratio.

Thank you very much John - I was told previously told to match as closely as you can.
The Calypso is a great match for the Pass amps, there are no impedance issues. I know of several of these combinations running with stellar results!

Jim White
I have the combination between Pass XA100 and Aesthetix Callisto Sig. and I´m, since the purchase, still impressed for its performance. It just hits my favoured musical taste. Furthermore, my local dealer told me that there shouldn´t arise a musical problem regarding the impedance.