Aesthetix Calypso ?

has anyone heard the Aesthetix Calypso linestage preamp ? compared against what? Sonic impressions?
Callisto, not Calypso. I believe, like Io, the other Aesthetix preamp product, they are both moons of Jupiter.

I heard the Callisto, not the Callisto Signature, against the Hovland HP-100 pre. Although I don't think the Hovland is by any means a perfect product, I preferred the Hovland. The system was using a Levinson amp and Watt Puppy Sixes. The Hovland was more dynamic, sweeter and had more air and life in that system. I was really disapointed in the performance of the Callisto. Maybe it was just a bad match, but I found the differences stunning.

Rayhall, there is also a Calypso line stage that retials in the same price range of the Hovland. I have not heard it though.

Happy Listening.
Rayhall, I traded in my Sonic Frontier Line 3 for the Calypso Linestage. Line 3 has been an excellent unit but the Calypso is even better. Inronically Calypso costs less than Line 3 and has no seperate power supply unit and much simple topology but it sounds fantastic. Both units are built with extremely high quality parts; no doubts about it(except Calypso remote control is a cheap plastic toy in compared to that of Line 3.) Calypso looks modern and elegant. In reference to Line 3, Calypso sounds more relaxing, airy, a bit sweeter, I espceially like the midrange with a bit more tubey bloom sound, mid bass steel solid (but not deadened in reference to most solid states.) It has total 4 tubes that makes it a lot easier and cheaper to obtain the optimum sound. Line 3 has 12 tubes total, they require perfect pair matching. I just got Calypso for 2 weeks; there should be more to discover. Very happy with the Unit. (p.s. My friend's new Herron also sounds great but different. Isn't that interesting.)