Aesthetix Callisto sgn. Volume soft

Hi , I need help I bought a used Callisto sgn. Year 2004 made.
First power up fuse blow, replaced new fuses, volume is so soft, need to pass 3 o,clock plus 3 click. Replace el34 with national electronics said to be nos seimen. Not yet replace the 12ax7 on the PS,
Replaced v1 with amperex nos, v2 with tele nos. Still waiting to order for v3, v4 replacement.
But why is so soft?
My calypso do not have this problem, but I sold it.
This Is this the Callisto line stage I assume?

Is the low volume problem with through a phono, CD input or other source. Additional info might help.
I think you need to send it in and have Aesthetix look at it.
Hi Albert
How are you? Both input cd and phono same soft volume.
I found out today , out put to amps on xlr on one set having problem of distortion, when I changed to the other output no more distortion but still have to turn to 3 o,clock plus 3 to 4 click step.
But now it sounded good and about 80 to 90 db. Just nice volume and I begin to enjoy.
Yes is Callisto sgn. Line stage, with io sgn. Phono.
Perhaps is room size too, I moved to new home, room size is 18 ft wide x 29ft long x 9 ft height.
I am still looking for a good tube mono block amps to replace my krell fpb600. Now I worry I needed a lot power to power my Hansen emperor.

I think I remember a situation like this before, it's caused when the power supply is turned on and then plugged into the main unit before waiting for caps to bleed down.

It blows the SS rectifiers and distortion is the outcome as well as no volume. I don't have a way to send you the test sheet to read out with VOM. I suggest you telephone Glenn Buckley at Aesthetix, the last number I have for him is 805-529-9901.

You have a very fine preamp, I used one for about a decade. Proper tubes and tweaks really make the Callisto sing, as well as the various cap upgrades that Aesthetix offered since that model.

Also, if yours is a very early model, the fuse in the power supply blows quite easily. One of the updates from the factory removes it in favor of a copper jumper. I don't suggest you do this yourself unless you have experience. Again, run that by Glenn.
Hi Albert
Yes the fuse actually blown, today listen almost 4hrs and i am very happy now, the location of fuse is so hard to get out, the fuse broke while i try clamping out and have to vacuum the glass out,
i am very familiar with electrical work as i am a HVAC contractor, i work up to 575volts 3 phase, i will email Glenn, i try calling him Friday but no one pick up phone on their latest moved address.
thanks again Albert.
I have a Calypso. If the Callisto is like my Calypso then there are jumpers in it to change the gain level. My Calypso sounded much better when I increased the gain.


Good suggestion but the Aesthetix preamp has no jumpers, just the twin volume controls on the front panel.

The Aesthetix Io (phono) has gain jumpers on the circuit board unless ordered with front panel volume controls.

The Io volume control version uses same (or similar) design as the Callisto line stage, allowing the user to adjust on the fly.
Hi everyone, thanks for everything,
I have found the problem was v1 right and left channel , problem was faulty nos amperes , now everything sounded good and volume is at 1 o,clock pass that is loud. Said 1 o,clock plus 3 click.