Aesthetix Atlas + Calypso

I am thinking of changing my Classé CA2300/CP800 for the Aesthetix Atlas/Calypso combo to drive a pair of Magnepan 3.7.
Objective is to have a more lively sound, with more "body".
Any feedback on the Aesthetix combo would be most welcome such as:
- Is the Atlas providing enough current to feed the maggies?
- Is the combo reliable?
In the spirit of full disclosure I have the Atlas amp with the black face plate listed for sale. I have moved from the Standard Calypso and Atlas to the Signature version of each over the last few months, hence the Standard Atlas is for sale. I was very happy with the Standard Calypso and Atlas but the upgrade bug is ever present so I moved to the signature versions of each. The Aesthetix combo does an excellent job of driving the challenging load of my Martin Logan Summits. I have owned Pass Labs, Rogue and Audio Research in the past and prefer Aesthetix by a wide margin.
Hi Sgunther

Which Pass Labs and Audio Research dod you own before and how does the Aesthetix combination differ from them?

What speakers are you driving?

I had the Pass Labs Aleph 5 and Audio Research VS 110 driving Audio Physic Virgo speakers and the Rogue M-180 driving the Martin Logan Summits. I can not really comment on the difference between Atlas and Pass/Audio Research because they were driving different speakers. The Atlas exceeded Rogue in every way but I do believe the challenging efficiency and impedance curve of the Summits played a part. There are many reviews of the Atlas that will give you a better idea than I can.
Some observations-
the newer Pass Labs gear is killer and the best SS at the present time. The Rogue Audio gear is better and cheaper than the ARC integrated amps, especially, the VS110.

And finally, Aesthetix is simply awesome and be wise/ready to upgrade to the signature products- you cannot go wrong.

Most important of all, which cables/powers are you guys planning to use?
Keep me posted & Happy Listening!