Aesthetix and Lumin

Has anyone had a chance to directly compare a Romulus or Pandora DAC with a Lumin DAC/Streamer?

Currently I have an Aesthetix Atlas and Calypso Eclipse (on order) combo, and a standard Romulus DAC with a Lumin U1 mini streamer.


I plan to keep the Aesthetix amps for long term, and I see 2 options how to complete my setup:

I could keep the Romulus and possibly upgrade it to Eclipse at one point, and use it with the Lumin U1 streamer.

Or trade in the Romulus-Lumin U1 combo for a Lumin T2 or X1.

My dealer recommends the Lumin X1 or even the T2 over the Romulus, as the Aesthetix upgrade is quite expensive and we are not sure about the end result, on the other hand I could get a Lumin T2 or X1 for a demo....


Thanks, Zsolt