AES SET2 monoblocks by Cary Audio

I'm currently using a Cary Rocket 88r amp in triode mode with Serie Reference 3a MMC speakers. I'm very happy with this combo but I would like to try class A amplification with the 3A's and there's a pair of  these mosfet amps available locally. Can any of you give me some info on these before I pursue their purchase; there seems virtually no reviews available on the Internet. 
There is almost nothing about AE by Cary at all. I own the plain (modded now) AE-3 preamp which uses 6SN7s .  I couldn't even find the model you are considering. Are you really looking for the AE-211 Monoblocks or something like it, that is a standard Cary product.  Those are SETs .  You might have more luck if you get the model name correctly. I am not trying to scold you forgive me if it sounds like that.
The title is correct according to several ads I've found as well as info provided by the owner who questioned Cary staff concerning the limited reviews for this mono pair. I don't know what else to add that might help you. Also, I wouldn't feel scolded unless it was demonstrated that my description of the amp was incorrect. 
Never mind. I auditioned them in my home; they're very good but Not for me.