Can a CD transport with an AES/EBU output be connected to a CD burner with a RCA S/PDIF input via a XLR to RCA cable? Will the digital singal pass and what would be the resulting sonic degredation? If anyone can settle this argument between myself and a co-worker it would be much appreciated.
NO! AES/EBU is 110ohms and SPDIF RCA is 75 ohms. The AES/EBU output is 3.5v and RCA is 0.5v.....

I run an AES/EBU into my pre-amp. Then I use an rca digital out to my burner. Most cd players will have an rca out along with the aes/ebu out. Both my transports do. Hope this helps. I have also used an optical loop from the pre to the burner with good results.
For Genesis168 - AES/EBU is actually 5V not 3.5V and there is a margin of error of +/- 20% for the 110ohm AES connection and the S/PDIF allows +/- 5% margin of error.

P.S. The transport ONLY has AES/EBU, the burner has ONLY RCA S/PIDF. Anybody who has tried this before please let me know what the results are, it would be much appreciated.
you can try an upsampler like the Assemblage D2D-1 upsamples plus has inputs for RCA and can automatically switch to AES/EBU out
read the imfo on their site...
their unit comes also with a bnc to rca adaptor. about $499.
Stereonuts has a good oint, but you don't need to go to that extreme. There are a few good anti-jitter devices, such as the Monarchy DIP, that sell for a lot less. You could probably find a non 24/96 DIP for $100 or so. Some of the other anit-jitter devices probably have similar features.
According to my ML manual, AES/EBU 110ohm has an output of 3.5 volts. How are you sure that AES is 5 volts???

I am open to suggestions......Just trying to help.
The best way is to test yourself to see if it works. Get an XLR to RCA adapter.
Genesis168 did not give the greatest advice here. As noted above, there are significant differences between the two digital specifications. An XLR-RCA adapter is designed for analog conenections, not digital. Just as RCA or XLR analog interconnects should not be used as digital interconnects
Can the transport be shipped to the factory to have an rca port added? maybe a good stereo repair shop could help you out?
Metsphysics, please read my first posting. I know it cannot be done but if Blackie insist trying it, the best way is to get the adapter.
I don't own the units, just to clarify, and I would never try to do this. I was explaining to my coworker to not order a custom XLR to RCA digital cable for this purpose because it would expensive failure. He insists that it will work, it might not sound very good but signal will pass. Thanks to everybody for your input but as Genesis168 says...I guess we will have to go and buy an adaptor.
In case anybody is works. We tried it with a Proceed MDT to an AVP with a XLR to RCA adaptor using a 75 ohm digital cable.