AES/EBU Question

I will be receiving a Musical Fidelity V-Link 192 which does 24/192 asynch usb. I have the choice of spdif or aes/ebu output to go to my Wyred DAC. Predsently I am using the original V-link which does 24/96 and I am using the spdif output with good results.

My question is should I invest in another cable and go with the aes/ebu or keep the coax cable I am using (Wireworld Starlight 6) and use the spdif instead? I want the best possible sound. Also, the spdif out and aes/ebu on the V Link 192 are galvanically isolated.

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AES/EBU is better. Even a cheap AES/EBU will be great.
Any Mogami from a music store for AES/EBU will be great.
It seems a lot of people buying MF v-link 192 these days.For me it didn't work .Yes it cleans and smooths the sound (nice very well separated highs),but at same time sucks musicality and vibrancy of midrange.
Who knows .I used cheap van damme cable,the same cable now use as xlr from dac to amp.Works great.Actually I have itch try wireworld supernova 6 optical cable ,run from computers spdif to dac
I found the AES/EBU cable to sound better than coax between my PWT and Bryston BDA-1, IF ground pin 1 was lifted at the Bryston and grounded at the PWT.

Otherwise, if grounded at both ends sound was somewhat poorer than coax.

I think the difference is due to the grounding of both chassis together with coax, and pin 1 connected both sides with XLR AES/EBU.

Only pin 1 lifted on the XLR AES/EBU leaves both chassis uncoupled groundwise. Shield on the AES/EBU is grounded at the source device (the PWT in my case) as it should be.
Yes invest in a decent AES cable, you won't be disappointed.