AES/EBU, Digital or Coaxial Between Transport-DAC

Which connection between the transport and DAC is recommended? I will need to choose a cable to go between the transport and DAC.

Transport will be a Krell KPS-30i CD player and DAC is a Musical Fidelity M1.

Any thoughts appreciated.
While there are a number of unpredictable variables that could conceivably tip the balance in either direction, AES/EBU has several theoretical advantages in comparison with S/PDIF, and more often than not I would expect AES/EBU to be the best choice.

-- Al
Thanks for the prompt response. Much appreciated. It appears that the sturdy construction of AES/EBU is in some ways superior to both toslink and S/PDIF. Similarly I read that toslink is preferred over S/PDIF, though I agree that unknown variables can tip the balance to either direction.

I read that toslink is preferred over S/PDIF, though I agree that unknown variables can tip the balance to either direction.
While Toslink (optical S/PDIF) avoids the potential for ground loop issues and impedance matching issues that may arise with coaxial S/PDIF, it can have issues of its own, related to transducer quality and to slow risetimes and falltimes that can contribute to jitter.

My perception has been that more often than not member posts reporting on comparisons between those two interfaces have favored the coaxial (electrical) alternative.

Best of luck, however you decide to proceed! Regards,

-- Al
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I agree with Liz and Al. I have owned MANY DACs and transports and almost always found the AES/EBU connection to be the best sounding.
None of those connections, sell your CD player and go discless. the sound will be far superior. A LINN DS unit is a much better sounding solution in one box, all controlled from an iPad and get rid of the CD player totally. Files would be sent via CAT5/6 from your PC or NAS and controlled in your listening chair with an iPad. Access all your music at better than CD quality once ripped with dbPoweramp into 24/96 or 24/192 FLAC or WAV files. The LINN Akurate DS will beat out CD players in excess of $10k.
I use both connections with the Bryston BDP-1 and BDA-1 combo.
I've found some music to sound better resolved when using the SPDIF connection (acoustic guitar for instance) and others using the AES/EBU connection. 85% of the time I find my preference to be the AES/EBU. Just an overall more musical sound.
Thanks for the information Audiofreak32. Just checked on the Linn DS. At a retail of $20k, I wouldn't be surprised if it outperformed CD players costing up to $10k or more.

The unit you are talking about is the Klimax DS.... and there is not a CD player on the planet that will compete with it. However, the Akurate DS is about &8k new, I paid under $6k as a demo unit.

And even the entry level DS units will trash many CD players at the $10k price point. Once you take away the CD player itself, your eyes will be opened to a new level of sound.
Also Ryder...

Get rid of the BPT, a Running Springs conditioner sounds MUCH better. And the most entry level LINN DS will seriously lay waste to that Krell CD player - it will not even be close.