aes / ebu digital cable choices

Seeking opinions on aes-ebu digital cable choices for my system which is Wadia 8 transport to Electrocompaniet ECD-1 dac. Pre / Pwr is Mcintosh ss to Vandersteens. Currently using DH Labs D-110 which I like,but think I can do better. Definitely don't want a bright or forward type sound. Currently considering:
Kimber Orchid
Audioquest Falcon
Wireworld Gold Starlight 5

I haven't heard any of these, but would like to hear from those who have experience with them. Also is length a major concern?
I hate to see you with no responses and unfortunately cannot comment on these specific models but I can say from deep experience that choice of cables makes a big difference.

In my DCS stack I’ve gone from AW FireEye to Wild and would like to now go to Transparent Reference XL when I can find a set (I need three) at a good price. Many regard Transparent as one of the best and there are some good Reference (not XL) AES/EBU available on AGon for around $1K

My recommendation would be to keep a close eye on the used market and swoop when you see a deal -- try it and if it does not work for you sell it on and try again

There’s an extensive discussion on this topic here
Sorry -- should have said I went from AudioQuest Eagle Eye (which was of course 75OHM) to a 110OHM Wild for my transport to upsampler, and from AQ Diamond FireWire to dual AQ Wild AES/EBU from upsampler to DAC. Am now exploring replacing all three AQ Wild AES/EBU with Transparent Ref XL having had great results from the same cable for the three BNC 75OHM clock runs the DCS stack uses (replacing AQ Eagle Eye in this case)
By the lack of  replies, am I to assume no one is using aes / ebu cables as their main digital link? I was really hoping to get some useful information / opinions.

I'm using a Cardas Neutral Reference AES/EBU.  It is more laid back than the Mogami that I also have.  I like it better than the Stereovox XV-2 SPDIF that it replaced but I haven't done many AES/EBU comparisons.
I owned two Kimber Orchids, some years back.   The .5M was unlistenable, I suppose because of digital reflection.  The 1.5M was wonderful.  If I ever need another AES/EBU, I'll be looking for another 1.5M Orchid.   
I spoke with Kimber and Wireworld reps regarding ideal cable length and possible data reflections .Both stated it was not an issue.Just buy the length you need. I don't what you heard.People hear what they hear. Just passing out their comments.
I do know what I heard and that's what I passed on, as requested by the OP.
After the Nordost Odin which I currently use, the best I have encountered was the Stealth Sextet, and I have heard many digital cables with balanced terminations. The Nordost Valhalla and Kharma Grand ref, though polar opposites (no pun intended) also are very good.