AES/EBU cables- VD Masters vs Au24s

Anyone compared the VD Master Series AES/EBU cables to the Audience Au24s or other high end AES/EDU digital cables?
I think spending a lot of money on digital cable is a bit of a waist. A Apogee Wyde Eye or Pure Note vanguard should be good enough for any system.
Your comments are four years late and you're wrong.
I agree with you Kana813 on your last post! There is no contest between a multi-strand cable and the VD solid core cable.I am using the Genesis digital and the wealth of information is truly staggering not to mention the dynamics that the Genensis swings.There is no hint of any sort of compression or edge or distortion that effects the music in any way.In fact dynamics take on amazing zest and power that you would swear that it is happening in your room right in your face.The boundaries for resolution go way beyond the dimensions of the room and throw images infront of the speakers ( 8feet in front and a good 12 feet outside the sidewall of the listening Room).Depth is whatever the recording allows ( Cante Dominow is truly breath taking since it is done in a Cathederal).Vd has some of the best cables going and one would need to aim as high as one could for more than satisfying results.Hope this helps Dennis