AES/EBU cables for Emm Labs DCC2 SE

I am curious which AES/EBU cables you have found worthwhile for the EMM Labs DCC2 or another equivalent D to A processor. It would be helpful if you could say a little about the cables you compared and their respective strengths and weaknesses. I really appreciate your time and assistance.
i will be following this thread as i am in the process of finding a aes/ebu cable for use between my transporter and berkeley dac.

i have been comparing the mit proline digital reference and the kubala-sosna emotion. i have the valhalla coming too. the mit cable is laser sharp and presents a perfect sound stage to my ears. images are etched super clear and the background is dead quite. bass is punchy and taut. if a cable can be fast, it's fast! the highs may be a bit rolled off to get the precise edges, my only real complaint with the mit. the k-s is much more of a soft, musical sound. airy, pleasant and sweet with no audible roll off. not as quiet as the mit and does not image as well but still a very accurate sound. a super strong performer but my preference is the mit cable so far.

i am not much for audio adjectives but i tried to describe what i have digested so far. look forward to reading the input you get here.
Hello Richard.
Thanks for your response. Your experience is very interesting. I too am using the transporter connected to the Emm Labs. Hopefully we will get a number of helpful responses.
having tried most of the big names in digicables, for the past 3 years I have been very happy with the Stealth Sextet AES/EBU running from my modded CEC TL-1X to Dodson 218 DAC. This is the most neutral, realistic sounding cable I have found and have not considered changing. I think many here would agree on this cable.

neal that is on my list too but i have not been able to find one on the used market. pricey little thing. it seems you are not alone as i have come across several threads praising the stealth.
another thought on my cable comparison posted above...

the mit is a dark sounding digital cable while the emotion cable is very light sounding. if your system is in need of some taming, the mit is a good choice, if it needs some lightening up, the ks cable.

i will have the nordost cable tuesday and will try to post some thoughts after some listening.
Stealth Varidig Sextet! That's if you want the most naturally 'right' sounding cable that I've personally found.

There is a Kharma Enigma AES/EBU digicable listed for sale at around the same price a Sextet would go for. I have an old Kharma Grand Reference I use from my Wadia i70 iPod transport to Dodson DAC, and I previously used it from my CEC. The GR was and is a superb cable, with a warm, smooth, musical sound, and the Enigma is a step up. I would look into it seriously, as these never come up for sale. They are thick and heavy if that is a consideration.