AES / Cary Six Pac - upgrade suggestions

I am thinking about upgrading from my AES/Cary Six pac mono bloc amps. I use the AES DJH preamp. What would you suggest? I love the Cary line, I had a Cary SLI 80 prior to the Six pacs, and at that time I did not think it would be that much of a sonic up grade when I purchased the Six pacs, boy was I wrong! The Six pacs where a big up grade from the SLI 80. What would I have to go to to get a "big upgrade" in sound?
What exactly is your current setup not giving you? What does the rest of your system look like?

Being such a vague question, I suspect you'll get a lot of responses, but without context, I don't know how beneficial they will be.

BTW, I use the same amps and pre-amp.
If you haven't rolled through several tubes for each, you have no idea how much performance you're leaving in those electronics. From what I've gathered, abb, you have a lot of tube rolling to do!

Please do that, before you buy new equipment.

I don't know what you source is, but the Cary CD-308 CDP is a superb source that will make your amplification sound better. The 308 is dynamic with a beautiful soundstage. I own one, and the DJH pre, and it must be left on all the time otherwise it sounds muted, in my experience.

My amplification is the very detailed and rythmic Linn Klout poweramp. I am considering replacing it with the 308SA hybrid poweramp because I can leave it on all the time for use with movies and TV programing for a 2 channel music/HT system. Does anyone have experience with this Cary amp.

I understand that Cary used B&W speakers to voice there electronics, I'm sure, until they started producing there own speakers.