AES/Cary DJH Preamp tube change

I am considering changing the 6SN7 tubes on my AES/Cary preamp. Any suggestions? I am considering Electo Harmonix gold pins.
The NOS Sylvania GTA in my deHaviland UltraVerve sounds very good. Good luck.

I have not tried the Electo Harmonix, though, I have not heard good things about them.

I've tried KenRad VT231's, RCA red-base, and CBS-Hytrons. Each sound quite different, and I'd recommend trying several of these versions to discover the flavor of sound you enjoy the most. Either way, they will be a huge improvement over the stock tubes (I only use the stock tubes to burn in interconnects).

Also, if you have the DJH version, you'll want to roll the rectifier tube. EZ81's are the way to go.

I realize this is not a lot of help, but it's the most honest response; there is no 'best' tube for this preamp. Instead, it's a matter of what your personal tastes are, and what tube is the best vehicle to deliver that sound.
Mprime, how would you describe some of the tube change sounds? More bass, sweeter high end? What is available? What brand of EZ81 can you suggest?
Has anyone tried the Electro Harmonix 300B tubes on the
SE-1. I also intend to purchase a AES SE-1 .
I am currently using a pair of CBS Hytrons which sound nice. I hav eused Sylvanias and Tung Sols with great success. I have also found that I can achieve some nice improvements by changing the 6CA4. I am currently using a Mullard Branded as an Amperex EZ81 in place of the stock tube. I have never heard the EH, prefering to use NOS whenever possible over anything from EH. Moral to the story is experiment to tailor the sound to your musical tastes.

KenRad deserves their reputation for being bass rich. They also deserve their reputation as being microphonic.

RCA is sweet & airy.

CBS Hytron is quick and uncolored (for a tube).

The EZ81 I have is a Haltron.

FWIW, I plan on cycling through most of the NOS tubes out there. Still on my list are the various Sylvanias, Mullard, TungSol, etc.

Like it or not, with this preamp and revealing down stream equipment, you'll find the tube drives much of the sound you hear; so it makes sense to look at tube rolling as a long-term ride.

I found a new NOS Raytheon 6CA4 EZ81 at ebay, how would this work in the rectifier position?
I purchased a AES/Cary DJH preamp along with there six-pacs about a month ago.(very impressive set) I also felt I needed to change out the stock 6sn7 tubes in the pre/amp, I did buy the Electro Harmonix with the gold pins, and YES there was a definite improvement in sound, The sound become smoother more defined, detailed and in a way cleaner, not that the stock unit was bad at all.
I think it was the best $ 53 I spent in a long time, and I want to replace the six-pac with them when I find them .
Szunker, where did you get the EH gold pin 6SN7 from?
I purchesed the 6SN7 EH with the gold pins from " also I have seen them listed at "".
p/s when you get them tell us what you think.
I use the AES?AE-1p
I found that the best tubes for "ME" were NOS. RCA w/red lettering
I upgraded my 6sn7 tubes with EH tubes because the cost is reasonable. They tightened the bass and extended the highs. My system has better drive and control and is more refined than with the stock tubes. There may be better tubes but at $12 each for the standard version you can't go wrong with this experimentation.