AES/Cary AE-3 preamp:Phase Inverting or not?

I just got the AE-3 mod. version (using tube rectifier rather than SS). I read the manual and it said this model has phase inverting design and speaker wires at the amp should be reversed (+ to -).
I try connecting them both ways and feel that normal connection (+ to +) sound better. I use them with both AES SE-1 (300b) and Decware Zen amp and both observation agree to my ears.

Which way the AE-3 users here connect your speakers? I know at the end it's up to my ears, but still would like to hear which way the owners around here connect.

Also what is the benifit of phase inverting design? Why can't we just use normal phase (just reverse the output cable)?


Hi Ake, I have the AES-3 without the mod(do have the oil caps). I do have the spkrs cables reversed and have not tried it the other way. You make a good point about phase. A dealer friend told me that most people can't hear the difference when switching polarity. I think I'll try reversing the cables ans see what I hear. Thanks and good listening!
I have the AE3,DJH version. I have the speaker cables reversed also and its sounds wonderful. I'll have to try reversing again to see how it sounds. I'm not sure of the technical explanation of why but it (reversing the speaker cables) was stressed to me by Dennis Had when I bought it.

I'm still confused as to my subwoofers settings though!! I have a line level to it without phase inverted. Seems to work fine.