AES Cables: Kubala, Stealth, PAD, etc..experiences

For use between transport and DAC, which AES cables do people prefer and why? I've heard great things about people's experiences who moved to Stealth, Kubala (have a new ELATION AES), PAD, Synergistic, Harmonic Tech, etc...and would like to collect as much feedback as possible as I evaluate potential 'next moves'....thanks!
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I've owned the Marigo Apparition, Kubala Sosna Emotion, Ilumminati, a few others. I had a friend's PAD in my system for a shootout. I now have a HiDiamond Digital Carbon.

The order I'd put them in, from least liked to best, in my system:

Kimber, PAD, Kubala, Marigo. I kept the Marigo in my system for a few years. Great cable in every way. I recently found the HiDiamond and it's what will stay in my system, you can see my opinion on that cable in other threads.

Have always wanted to try the Varidig Sextet.
Thank you Jon...I'll look up your feedback on the other threads and also check out info on those cables!
Hey Zephyr24069,

Take a look at my review here on the GON on the Stealth Varidig Sextet for details why I have not yet found a better sounding digital cable for my system. Of the cables that you mentioned, I have heard all of them except the PAD and still found the Sextet to out perform them. I'm still kinda amazed why people love the Kubala wires so much, I find them euphonic, not accurate in my experience.
Thanks Teajay....I will check out the review. Have you had a chance to check out the new Elation AES cable that is now available according to K-S? Thanks again!
Secnd the Stealth Sexter ASES/EBU digicable. Tried out many in same proce range. Only ones close were valhalla and Kharma. Been happy with the Sextet for years now.

Do you guys know which version of the sextet is considerd "better", the original xhadow connectors or the newer ones?

Or is the difference negligible?
From what I've heard the newer connectors are considered better over an already impressive cable by several people I've spoken with that owned it. Interestingly enough, I've also communicated with two people who have taken the plunge on the new Kubala-Sosna ELATION level AES cable which is not even on their website yet as they are behind on updating it however they tell me that it gives them everything they were missing with other AES top-end cables and they have confirmed their switch away from other choices.
I am using the ELATION AES/EBU cables now; they have outstanding build quality and tremendously deep, broad and refined soundstage even in their initial break-in period. This AES cable is extremely promising and they've gone over the top to achieve a SOTA AES digital cable!
The ELATION AES cables are definitely a destination cable based upon what I am hearing as of late. They will drop your jaw in amazement...alot of musical happiness here!