AES cable for Berkeley Alpha Dac

Hello.I'm using my alpha dac 1 with the alpha dac USB and would like to know if it would be optimal to use the same cable brand all the way to my preamp. Spectral 15ss/200s combo.Right now i'm using a mix of Cardas USB, Cardas neutral ref. to preamp and a Straightwire AES cable.I have no immediate plans to change anythin I'm just trying to optimise my digital components.
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Shunyata's AES Python Zitron digital cable is the best I've ever heard. Lengthy break in is required, though.
Suggest you try out an MIT Oracle AES cable. 
I am using and like these aes/EBU cables:

Snake River Audio Boomslang AES/EBU XLR digital cable.

@hgeifman +1 for the Snake River Boomslang digital cables!

This is an older thread, but IMO and for the sake of recognition, the Snake River Boomslang is one heck of a great digital cable! I started out with their SPDIF cable with BNC connectors (which I am now selling - shameless plug), 'cause I recently received a new AES/EBU Boomslang version from Jonny at Snake River on a trial basis.  It's not going back! After a couple hundred hours on it... wow! It has the speed and detail I look for, but also has an organic midrange, and a real, cohesive, spatial quality to it as well (this goes for both versions!). Though not coax,these Boomslang's sure have a LOT going for them, and musicality is top of list! No affiliation other than a very happy customer!

Read the Part-Time Audiophile and Audio Bacon review of the Boomslang to get a better feel for it. I whole heartedly agree with both reviews!

BTW, for what it's worth, in my system, I much prefer the Boomslang to both, the Shunyata Research Sigma AES/EBU cable and the HFC Reveal AES3, of which I owned both!