AES 6 pacs Speaker choice?

Which speakers would work well with an Audio Electronics Six-Pac & AES preamp system?

My room is about 16x14, music is about 85% blues-based rock both acoustic & electric. 15% Jazz & Classical.

I would like to go with out seperate subs, cabinets need to be moderate size and nice looking wood prefered.

In design I prefer simple over complicated- a two way would be nice.

I do tend to listen loud.

Budget is $2000. -$3000.

Proac Response 2.5 or D28 are tube friendly, small footprint, wood veneer, two way, and have the sonics that would compliment the types of music you prefer. You can find them used in your price range.
I don't have any experience with the Six-Pac but I'm using an AES Superamp and AES-DJH preamp with a pair of Devore Gibbon 8's and it's a wonderful combination. The Devores are so incredibly musical, with such clean, articulate bass that they seem a perfect pairing with the AES tube components.
If you're willing to treat your room with acoustic panels, you may be able to make a pair of Vandersteen 2ce Sig II's work. This speaker will not meet your "wood" requirement.

I have used the AES AE-3 DJH and a pair of Sixpacs with a pair of B&W N805s and a REL Strata III and really enjoyed it. I hooked up my AES gear to my friend's Vandie 2ce Sigs and thought the combo was great (and no sub needed).

While I have not heard this particlar combo, I'd be interested in hearing the AES gear with a pair of Acoustic Zen Adagios.
I have a simiar AES setup and am also interested in hearing about speakers that will mate well.

I've been using a pair of MMG's along with a sub, and while I like the sound, I know that these speakers aren't the easiest to drive. I'd like to better maximize the 60W output of the Six Pacs.

The Vandersteens have been on my short-list, but the ribbon tweeter of the Acoustic Zen looks very appealing.
My room is about 16x14, music is about 85% blues-based rock both acoustic & electric. 15% Jazz & Classical.
I used to own a pair of these Sixpac until quite recently & I also listen to the genres of music as you do (but my distribution is/was different from yours - mainly a lot more Jazz than blues). IMHO, I don't think that the Sixpac is the correct amp for a system that is so heavily blues & rock based. I don't think that you are going to get what you are looking for from this amp. Yes, the subs that you will buy will provide you the thumping bass & you could use 6CA4 tubes instead of EL34s to natively get more bass out of the amp but I personally think that this amp would be better off bringing out the nuances of the music in Jazz & classical, which have far less compression than blues & rock. YMMV.