Aerosmith SACD

Does anyone know when this will be released. Also any other rock SACD releases that you folks know of? Thanks in advance.
its already been released but there is a backorder on it at most places, which is a good thing for us sacd owners (shows unaccounted interest in sacd). other titles released or soon to be are beck "blow by blow", train "drops of jupiter", journey "?", zebrahead "playmate of the year" and there may be few others but those are off the top of my head.
I've been waiting for the Springsteen Live in NY on SACD, which Music Direct now lists as "Indefinitely Delayed." What do you suppose that means?
I picked up a copy last week at a Tower records. I am disappointed in the recording quality specifically the bass because it is almost nonexistent.How can you rock without a good thumping bass?