Aerosmith's Honkin On Bobo

As it says on the cover, "Blues done Aerosmith style!"
A welcome addition to my collection.
Inspired by early Fleetwood Mac when Peter Green played with them.... according to my local newspaper
The build-up for "Honkin' on Bobo" has been kinda misleading. It's much more a rock album than a blues album. Rather than the band playing it straight, it's Aerosmith applying its trademark sleaze to the blues. But, whatever you wanna call it, it's a great album. The band sounds more energized than they have in years. Maybe the reunion with Jack Douglas has something to do with it.
I hate to say this but Honkin' on Bobo is probably the worst album Aerosmith has done in years.They even ripped off the title it's from a Good Brothers album.
The songs themselves are hard to listen to.Find the originals. Let this pile of crap die a Quick death.
Check out Eric Clapton's Robert Johnson tribute. He "gets" it.
You may never end up really liking the album, but I found
I like it more after a few plays. AMG has given it the highest rating (4 stars) of any Aerosmith initial release since 1989's "Pump"(4.5 stars).
Clapton's "Reptile" was good in parts, but I was waiting for more input before getting his new one. This is the second recommendation I have seen for "Me and Mr. Johnson", so I'll probably pick it up.
Agree wholehartedly with Hooper - best Aerosmith in years. If you like blues and early raw/rough Aerosmith, you will like the cd. Not to say its perfect, but better than the MTV stuff. Also, recommend Clapton's "Me and Mr. Johnson" but still like the Aerosmith more.
You just have to take this record for what it is: an Aerosmith album. As such, it's a good one; takes one back to the Toys in the Attic time.

The only complaint I have about this record is that it's going to ruin a lot of blues jam sessions. Many guitar hacks are going to buy this CD and think that this is how you play blues; they'll be showing up with Marshall half-stacks (instead of the full stacks), turning things up to "11," and completely abandoning any sort of musical sensitivity in favor of (feebly) induldging those rock-star urges, hoping to impress some girls at the local tavern. Oh well . . .
Honestly I'm an Aerosmith fan. That's why I didn't take any pleasure in damning the album.When they get things right it sounds great eg. Big Ten Inch Record or Hangman Jury. To me this record sounds phoned in.No passion.No humour.Maybe it was a "contract filler". Whatever it is ,I ain't buying.
Just for the record my brother loves the album.
As for me, well maybe next time.