Aeros Prima CD Player?

anyone out there HAVE or HAD this baby that can give me some solid feedback? I have a Mico Mega and was thinking of upgrading it with the new Musical Fidelity DAC A23. I know the pros and cons of one box vs two box setup. Can't figure out what to do. The Aeros, discounted to $1700 is, still, a little over my budget. That's why the Dac, for the money, seems to be the way to go. Please show me the light.
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Is the question about the Audio Aero Prima 24/192 ?
It has now been upgraded and is about $500 more .
I however bought the last available Prima 24/192 and
I am amazed at this player and especially glad that no one else snagged it before me.Check out the reviews in the
Inner Ear and Soundstage.Not the Capitole 24/192 but more
budget priced. Sound wise is up there with all the players
I have heard,like Sim Audio,Cary,3D Musical Fidelity,
Linn Ikemi.Brings a realism to the music that I have
not heard before .Not at all clinical or too detailed.
No flaws in the operation either.Has a volume control on the
remote,also a fade button which can be handy.Imparts a
musical quality even to those rotten discs.Helps
them to be just a little more listenable.
my mistake. yes, that's the Audio Aeros Prima.
It impressed me at the beginning. Less than half an hour later, I felt it sounded artificial.
Poorguy I've heard that the Prima lacked some qualities shown in the Capitole, but are you sure your amp and speakers are not the problem? Which other digital do you recommend in this range?
The amp dealer used is WAVAC 300B. The speakers are Merlin VSM Millenium.