Aero Capitole as pre-amp for Spectral DMA-150?

Can I use an Aero Capitole mk II directly into my Spectral DMA-150 without problems? I consider buying this magnificent cdp, but my Spectral dealer predicts major disasters because the ultrawide band Spectral cannot cope with possible megahertz artefacts produced by the cdp. He has experienced several fatal problems caused by Mark Levinson 39 or 390S cdp's used as a pre amp. He doesn't sell or knows the Capitol, but fears it will even be worse because of the tubed ouput stage.

I really should like to get your opinion on this -- can this doom scenario become reality? The gear is far too expenisive to take any risks...
Is my Spectral that sensitive? My current pre amp is the hybrid ARC LS-2 II, which operates flawless with the DMA-150 (and MIT Oracles/Kharma Ceramique 1.1)

Thanks in advance, and a merry Xmas!

I think you answered your own question. Why take the risk?
If your dealer advised against it, why would you bother seeking advice from people you dont know? Use your head man. Do you not trust your dealer? My next question would be then why do you do business with him. By the way, he is correct, go to Spectral's website or call them. Unless of course you are one of those people who keep asking the same question until you get the response you are looking for.
I would tend to agree with Vader. You might try asking Darryll at digital systems. He repairs Audio Aero gear and, if I am not mystaken, he has some experience with other units. I did a search on him and there is certainly more to him than Audio Aero.
I wouldn't do it. I think you'd need the "Universal" version of the DMA-150 in order to pull this off successfully.
Actually, I'm surprised the ARC preamp works as well as you say with the DMA-150. I used to own a DMA 200 and before I was able to scrape up the cash for a Spectral preamp (DMC 20 SII), I ran a ARC SP-6C into it. It didn't match well at all. I believe it was a really bad impedance mismatch. As for your original question, don't do it!!!
Thanks for your responses.
Although I do not know any of you, it is still very interessting to learn from you, Vader007 ;-) And yes I do trust my dealer, that's why I did not try out the 390S (which I had on loan) directly into my Spectral. On the other hand, he, and as a matter of fact the distributor in my country -- The Netherlands -- as well, also predicted the match with my LS2 should be unhealthy for the DMA-150, and after 2 years both are still in very good condition!
Nevertheless they did scare me a bit, so after a few months I tried out the DMC-15 as a possible replacement. In many repects it outperformed the ARC completely, but yet I preferred the warmer sound and deeper soundstage of the LS2. It's all about system synergy, I guess.
These experiences learned me to not just following communis opinio on Spectral gear. One other example: I myself use the factory/dealer advised MIT cables, but I know people who are very satisfied with other brands as well. So I really try to use my OWN head and ears in this minefield of commercial interests and technical complexities.

My cautious conclusion: it's not wise to invest in Aero Capitole as a possible pre-amp, unless I replace the DMA-150 as well (sigh..).

How does that sound? Any rebuttals??? The jury is still out, so please reply!
I read your direct e-mail.
Considering the fabulous deal you get on DCS , I would go for that Purcell/Delius set up without any doubt.
If you keep on chosing AA cap. 2 , do not consider its preamplifier as a final set up : a good preamp will boost it further. AA cap. 2 might be a good temporary solution while you search for a good preamp which is not an easy task .