Aerius or small maggies?

I have a pair of Ml Aerius speakers for some time now and I could never afford to buy a powerful amp now I just bought a yba complete amp and love it, but still not enough power,want to buy a big screen tv soon and possibly sell me aerius and replace them with the small maggies, as I believe tht they are not as harsh and the small ones don't need as much power 50 watts should work, I have nordost wires and interconnects ( blue heavens ) and MSB dac link 3 with a cd jukesox from sony, I know I will never get the best out of my logans but do you think this would sound better as I did own a pair of small maggies before they were this small they used to be 24 inches wide back then,thanks for any advice, Nick
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The Aerius are nice Nick. The thing that drives me crazy with them is the enormous phase shift they have. It irritates the heck out of me. The maggies do not suffer so badly in this regard. The Aerius seems also to need about 150W or so, but this obviously depends on the room.
Go for the Logans. The Aerius, in my opinion, sound even better than the SL3s. I have had both and the Aerius seem to sing! At the time when I had the Aerius, I was using a Linn 5105 amp and it was more than efficient.