aerial10t vs. vandersteen 5

any opinions on diff. in these.know van5 is almost twice the price,but is it worth the diff.thanks in advance.
I owned the 10Ts for 3/4 years. The 5s are in a different league.Sorry,seems like you get what you pay for. Many speakers out perform the 10s---None I know of for less money in the used price catagory. The 5s maintain their value and there isn't much you can do about that. Another fact is 5s seldom can be found used. There is a pair for 6500 in the adds now. A great 10Ts beater might be the Montana line. A great 5s beater for less money ???? None I know of. When you get to this level, the ancillaries need to be up to the job.
i agree with Avguygeorge. i would go with the 5s before the 10t's. i don't agree with Avguygeorge however on speakers costing less money that sound better than the 10t's. there are a few out there and i have a pair that i think sounds better. if i thought the 10t's sounded better, i would have bought them. again, it is all personal taste, and room acoustics, size of room, musical taste, and front end equipment all make a difference.
No comparison. Go with the Vandersteen 5's. They are arguably in the top of the class along with some other brands. The 10 t's although good are not in the same league.
George is right, no comparison. As to speakers cheaper than the 10ts used that sound better..try a set of dunlavy athenas if you can find them. I think they smoked the 10ts in every catagory (i was about a day a way from getting the aerials when i found the dunlavys ) and they look better than the rest of the dunlavy line IMO. Since dunlavy went south the prices used went to the floor but the speakers are still killer.