aerial10t amp match

looking for amp recommendations for aerial 10t. using marsh a400s now with adcom gfp-750 and marantz sa-1 cd. jazz virtually 100%. considering roque audio 88 or m-150. also are magnums worth xtra $s. maybe marsh is o.k.? any help is appreciated. thanks.
Do you have your heart set on tubes? The older Classe CA-200,
CA-300, CA-400 amps have incredible synergy with the 10t. I
have not heard the newer Classe CA-201/301/401 amps with the
10t but my guess would be a similar synergy. The 10t really
seems to shine with high-watt SS. I also liked the 10t being
driven by ML 336. I thought it sounded a little sterile with
Krell FPB-300. I thought it sounded a little lumpy with ARC
CL150s. Great speakers those 10ts. The 20t is not worth
double the price of the 10t. I'm not even sure they sound
better. The 10t is the true classic of the Aerial line.
Try to find a used Edge NL10/12.Great synergy with these speakers.
I agree with Meisterkleef about the Classe Amplifiers and the Aerial 10Ts . I bought my 10Ts in 1997 and at that time I chose Audio Research Tube amps ( Ref1 pre amp and VT 200 amp) I like the sound of the combination. It just depends on how much you like that 'warm' tube sound.
Solid State is less maintenance. However I have not noticed a diminished bass response when using my VT200 amplifier as claimed by some audiophiles.
A good mix would be to go with a tube pre-amp and a solid state amp.
You may want to try a Theta Dreadnaught. I use a 5-channel Dreadnaught to drive my LR-5's, CC-5 center and my SR3's in the rear. There's lots of power there (200watts per ch) and this amp is very transparent.