Aerial vs. Revel

Which is the best home theater setup?
Well I have only heard Revel the revel set up and it was quite impressive. Aerial I have heard in a twoo channel set up only and they are very nice as well. In the two channel set up revel kills the aerials as for surround I have only heard the revels. I hope this helps
I prefer the Revel setup over the Aerial. However, the Wilson home theater was the best I have heard.
I auditioned both (along with B&W) and own Aerial. IMHO it was the best of the three.
Iknow some one out there has some great advice. Please keep the response coming. I am also open to new ideas. I am 50/50 on my system usage between ht and music. Thanks. Keep them coming!!!
At this price point you might want to throw Dunlavy into the mix. I am also auditioning new equipment right now for a 2-channel/HT combo. Mine is more like 70-30 in favor of 2-channel. The best I have heard so far is a combo of Dunlavy IV's with a HRCC center and III's in the rear. The V's are an excellent pair of speakers however and I still might wind up with them and just never tell my wife the price difference. I have heard the Tyler Accoustics as well and for a lot less money they are very close in performance. I will be in San Fran next month and am going to stop at VMPS as well. At the moment I bi-amp Legacy Focus with Parasound HCA-3500's if that gives you a reference point. Dunlavy is worth an upgrade from the Legacy but I haven't tried anything else yet that I would spend the kind of money needed to switch. And I like the tall lean look of the Dunlavy's.