Aerial vs B&W vs Dynaudio vs Silverline

I want to upgrade my speakers. I have Linn 5140. In my area I am limited to Aerials and BW. Thinking about Aerial 7b or maybe 8's or B&W 803. But Should I make the effort to travel and listen to Dynaudio 3.3 or Silverline Sonatas.
I have VTL pre/amp with Linn cd player. I would appreciate your thoughts. Music- all kinds.
To listen to the Dynaudio, yes, I think it might be worth it to travel a few miles. No plane rides, but a half-day car trip might be worth it.
I am agree with both audiophile, try dynaudio and using ss amp which is around 200 watts high current.
The Dynaudios are great speakers but will probably not be a good match for your Linn 5140 as they really require a powerful, high-current amp to come alive. They can sound a tad soft and dull on Linn amps (klimax excepted!). You might want to look at easier to drive speakers like the Silverline. The Ariels and B&W, although having different tonal characteristics, are also fairly hard to drive.
I replaced my Dynaudios which sounded great but need a lot of SS power with Silverlines and which are more refined and easier to drive.
If you're going to stay with tubes you really only have one choice here, which is obviously the Sonatas(which will also work well with SS if you go that route some day). I would also put them at the top of the list from a sonic perspective along with the 3.3s(not really an option with tubes), but that's more of a personal decision. Absolutely go hear the Sonatas before making any final decisions. Best of luck.

well all of the above are really great brands of speakers. I tested all of the above except for the silverline. And I walked away with the N803 because they have a sound that captivates you in a way I felt the others did not. But your ears will make the choice not ours best of luck Gino
I've listened to the Aerial 7b and the Silverlines, and they have much different sonic signatures. The Aerials are a bit dark to my ears, so if you listen to them and feel that you want a more open-sounding speaker, try the Silverlines. At any rate, the Silverlines work wonderfully with tubes--they are efficient and have a very flat impedence curve.