Aerial SW12 vs. Rel Stentor III


I am considering the purchase of a new high end subwoofer that is very musical (to blend in with my mains), yet excellent for home theater. I have narrowed it down between these two subs. Can someone please share some insight on both of these subs? Which one do you prefer? Is one better musically than the other? Why?

I know that the low pass filters can be set to 30Hz(Aerial) and 22Hz(Rel), but does it make any difference at that frequency? Thanks for helping out a fellow audiophile!! Again, please share which one you believe to be better.
Surely someone has experience with these two subs
No experience with the two subs, BUT the 30Hz vs 20Hz might make a big difference if your main speakers go to 35Hz or below, since it's very important to avoid excessive sub /mains overlap to prevent the sound becoming very boomy. If you main speakers rolloff significantly above 30Hz then I doubt the 8Hz lower rolloff of the REL will make any difference at all.
For example I have spica angelus mains that go to about 35Hz (but about 6dB down at this point) and if I set the crossover on my rel strata above 27Hz the bass gets very boomy.
Ok, last chance.... :)