Aerial SW-12 or Von Schwiekert VR-S/3

To fill in the bottom on a 2 channel system. VAC Ren mk 2 pre, Atma m-60 amps, Merlin VMS-MMs. Will use Velodyne SMS-1 for room equalization upstream of the sub. Any thoughts?
Come on folks. anyone? how about adding Talon Roc into mix?
There are so many great subs on the markets, especially when optimized by the SMS, Aerial, Velodyne, Talon, SVS.

While I can not speak to the synergy of the SW-12 to the Merlin, I have successfully integrated the SW-12 into a JBL K2 system, several Aerial systems, Energy Veritas 2.8's, Snell Music and Cinema Towers but not successful with Cello Grand Masters, B&W Signature 800's, or Wilson WP7's.

Hope this helps.

The SW-12 is an AWESOME, AWESOME sub!
thx, bud. Anyone else?
Another vote for SVS - I just finished tweaking my SVS PB12+/2 with the SMS and now it's just perfect with my 10T's.