Aerial replacement for 10T ?

I hear rumors that aerial is about to release their replacement for the 10T, does ant have any info on this, or any other new aerial speakers, possibly anounced at ces ?
They already have. It's called the 20T and has been out for at least several months and was first introduced at the last CES, I believe.

Production of the 10T has ceased at least several months ago.

Does anyone know why Aerial Acoustics stopped producing the 10T? Why would you stop making what made you famous? The 20T is at a much higher price point than the 10T. There is about $14K between the 8b and the 20T, that's a pretty large gap to fill. I always liked the 10T's, I have no idea why a manufacturer would stop doing something that made them successful. Then again Shunyata Research stopped making the Hydra, supposedly because they ran out of materials. That would be a legitimate excuse, IMO. I'd like to know why AA stopped producing the 10T? Lack of materials?

the 20T is not a direct replacement for the's a big brother...I understand there may be one or two models on the board as replacements/upgrades for the 10T...but not for a year...there is a big gap between the 8b, LR5's and the 20T...had a chance to listen to the 20T's recently...The sound is outstanding and this was right out of the box for all intents and purposes. The new tweeter is open, clear and detailed with no shrillness or brightness. The low end is fast, tight and deep with no boominess. The mid needed a bit more time to loosen up, but they probably had less than 50 hours on them when I heard them. Dynamic integration is smooth from top to bottom with great air and imaging. I like the Aerial signature sound and the 20T’s carry that to a new level...pricing, unfortunately, is beyond me...
Aerial has a model 9 ready for introduction within the next few months, at the 9-10K range.
Michael Kelly at Aerial has indicated to me that he feels the 8B's are comparable in performance to the 10T's -- and indeed, have a significantly upgraded bass driver system. Some reviewers feel the same. I think it's a dead heat, frankly, making the 8B the better bargain. Kelly is about to release the Model 9. I might be able to offer special pricing on some Aerial 8B's with slight mars in the finishes if someone is interested. These would be sold as new goods, with warranty, available for pickup at my office location.
All above is accurate and inclusive so my observation is on the 20. I have owned the 10 s for 5 years and just got the 20 s very recently. The 10 s went to the back for multichannel. The 20 s are everything zshuster observed and more. The midrange has indeed opened up and is breathtaking. Dont look for them to be reviewed ; especially from the good unbiased folks at The Absolute Sound . They never even reviewed the 10 s . Ever.... in its 10 glorious years in production. Mike Kelly is a genius and never produces products until they are the best he can engineer . Run out to audition the 20 s , mortgage the home and dont take a vacation for 5 years . They will pay for themselves and you will own the last speaker of your life.
Do you have any spec on the new model 9b? Thanks in advanced
There is a model 9 coming , then the Aerial in walls , then the little brother to the 20. That will be the model 12 from what I have just heard. I think both the 9 and 12 will have a variation of the ribbon tweeter that is in the 20 .
My sense has been that people feel the 8B is sort of a failure, generally preferring the 7B instead. I guess some of you don't agree.

True, from what I was told by one dealer, was that the 8b's had major problems with their bass production.I didn't get to hear them, so I cannot verify the dealers opinion.
Though as the post above states people seem to be buying
the 7b over the 8b.I love the sound of my 10T's and it
will be along time before I choose or even feel the need
to upgrade.As far as why a company would stop producing a flagship product,you can call Michael and he can answer
that question directly, as his service and support are second to none.
The 8b has PRODIGIOUS bass, overwhelming most rooms, whereas the 7b is a better domestic fit. The original 10t used a precast mid/tweet head mounted onto a QA-nightmare bass cabinet made locally (1/2 mile from me) from MDF. Said manufacturer made MANY MDF cabs for famous names for decades, but QA was always a problem with this small family-run house. Craftsmanship was often quite good, but clone-making was not their forte....
Kelly discovered a fine CAM-cut cabinet-maker for the newer models, and is probably extending that production expertise andefficiency in the Model 9. Hope he nails the midrange finally!
Subaruguru, I suppose it's a good thing you don't live half a mile from Boeing or else nobody reading your posts would want to fly a commercial airliner.

I can't help but think of your post the other day where you claimed your homemade power cables to be 'noise free'.

The very least you could do is add 'IMO' to the end of your posts. I know that supposedly goes without saying but without the 'IMO', some to many may otherwise take what you say as fact.

I mean you almost sounded like Heraldo Rivera doing an expose on Aerial Acoustics. You almost had me believing you.

Sorry Brainwater, but you are misled, The Absolute Sound
reviewed the 10 t's in 1993 early fall Volume 18 Issue #
90 pgs.103-106 in their
high end journal.Mr.Chiarella called the original 10t
a breakthrough product and he bought the review pair.
Anyone who would like a copy of this review, send me
an email. Since I own both the old model and the later
10t's I can agree all the way with the quality of the
bass cabinets on the old not being of the quality of
the newer 10t's,sound wise they are different but
both are musical and get them feet tapping.
they will also release a 30 T..I saw the photos on a show coverage..
hifi 111 , thanks for the correction. I will have to look that one up!
I have heard from very good authority (about a year ago) that a model 10T 2 was in the works to be priced at about 12K. I haven't heard anything since.
Stehno, what with you? Kelly and I entertained my consulting at Aeriel as QA manager
when he was pulling his hair out with 10T bass cabinet production variability! I have a LONG history in manufacturing engineering and product assurance so it's really no surprise to see (while picking up 40 2-way cabinets I had made at Pine & Baker) the infamous 10T cabinets sitting on the production floor, all slightly different from each other, cottage industry style.
That's where I first saw the prototypes for the mid/tweeter satellite pods, and marvelled at these amazing creatures, realizing that my lowly MDF cabs were way behind the cast mystery-material curve. Ha! The 10T went on the become a great success, despite WAF and cabinet QA problems, and I would imagine (you're right, I can't be absolutely sure, Stehno!), that Mike Kelly is much happier dealing with a Scandinavian cabinet house.
Re: noise-free PCs, my DIY Kits simply use double floating full shields and an outer-wound switched safety ground, and thus offer flexibility in switching out ground loops and rejecting noise. Is this somehow not factual?
Sorry if I too seem a bit sensitive in these matters. It's probably my sore back. Ern