Aerial or Dalis?


I would like to know in your experience wich of this two manufacturer, would you prefer and why for hometheter duties only. My choice are from Aerial LR5,CC5 AND SR3, from Dali will be Euphonia MS5,CS4 and the RS3. Wich one would have more dynamics and everything else need it for a great hometheater experience? All your comments are apreciated.

Can anyone help me on this ? Where are the experts?
do an ADVANCED SEARCH, type in what you want and see what pops up, it may link you to others who can best answer your question
my experience with the Aerial's, is that they're a typical "slighly laid back" and forgiving audiphile sounding speaker, that's clear with good detail. Dynamic abilities is about on par with Theil, and similar lesser priced designs from NHT and Pardigm, as the speakers are passive and modest sensitivity only.
My experience is that they'll do good for music of most types, but not as superb with heavy dynamic material, to get your heart racing!...and that goes for HT.
While they're good, they aren't as dynamic as speakers such as even the Horn genre's, active speakers, some THX designs, Wilson Cub's, even the superb little Diappolito's from Triangle!(virtually no crossover, horn loaded tweeter).
If you want the pace and dynamic abilities of speakers like those in the local cineplex theaters, you gotta up the ante on the dynamic transparancy a bit. I think most enthusiests who are after "refined audiophile" sound mis this important feature of the system, and that's dynamic prowess...although bass management helps a lot, don't get me wrong.
As for your Dali's, I can't comment.
As for Aerials(the Dappolito one's), they get a 95 for refinement and transparancy/detail, and an 80 for dynamics(would be 75, but the dual mid/woofs helps boost dynamics and cancells out distortion somewhat).
Speakers like Avantgards with 110db horns and active woofers (same basic effect as bass management to separate woofers),dynamics jump to 98/100! (active horns go 100/100 for dynamics).
Active designs and very high efficiency designs have a dynamic advantage that makes the sound more real, and less flat. It's much more involving, passionate, exciting, even startling, which is critical with movies, IMO.
Just to get an idea of what I mention, you might want to go to the website, and read what they got to say(never heard the product, but can know of it). This will enlighten you a bit about what's missing in most home audio designs, dedicated for high end movie application. It's about right on.
Still, you can get very good overall results if you set your speakers up right, cross em over at 80hz to a sub(s), make sure it's all setup in phase for flat response, acoustics, etc, and you'll have very nice overall sound, yes.
Still, that said, for me, priorities such as focus, coherence,dialog inteligibility, dynamics, and reinforcement of the frequencies is critical. Then I put overall detail, transparancy, refinement bellow that for movie effectiveness. Audiphiles speakers tend to be more of the latter, and often are too laid back and uninvolving for effective movie sound. I think you'll find the Aerials a bit better than most here, and a better compromise that sounds good for music mostly.
However, back to dynamics and focus,etc...even speaker systems like the Klipsch THX horn system are going to be somewhat more potent for movie tracks, more authoritative and yet clear/detailed, and more involving(jump right out at you and make you jump...not have to "lean into the sound").
Anywhat hope that helps. They're good, you should try if you've got the seeds planted to try em, yes. Still, I'd go listen first if possible at that price range.
BTW, I've done custom theaters professionally for many years now, and been around the hi-fi gear in 6 stores for 15years now. Good luck
Good luck
Thanks a lot flrnlamb for your coments :)
Any body else wants to elaborate more?
I guess people don't like to much home-theater around here!
i have aerial 10 t's, cc3 center, infinity surrounds, B & K prepro,sas 10a preamp, sherbourn pwr amp, tc sounds 15" subs. my home theater sound is excellent. i have been very happy with all performance, dialog, explosions, sound effects, music. this system suspends disbelief for my wife and i, and rountinely fools the dog and the cats with it's realism. i am also extremely pleased with my two channel audio, but i am upgrading the power amp to a hypex ucd400 for two channel use. i think there are speakers with greater dynamic range than the aerials that could be considered if you have a seperate two channel system. if you can budget the cc5 center you will have even better performance. i have no experience with the dali's. hope this helps to some extent.
Thanks a lot Ss396
The Hometheter enthusiast are gone from audiogon. :(
They are all at the movies
dalis are pretty smooth.....
...or building home theaters, or having lives with thier spouse/mate and families, and don't have time to post...not doing the "loner thing."
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Anybody else want to help?
I auditioned the dali ms4's, although they are a excellent speaker, they loose a lot when sitting off axis, so imo, they were not really suited for ht, I own the aerial 7b, c5 and sr3's, they give me all that i want in ht and 2 channel, a good amp is needed, they are very power hungry, I use classe and it works well, good luck