aerial model 7, both speakers completly smoked

Due to uncontrolled idiot maxing out volume the speakers have ceased to function. The cones still move smoothly when pressed on but no sound comes out at all. The repair person I took them to said the drivers, tweeters and crossovers were smoked.I'm looking for input on replacement parts or someone who could rebuild or repair the the damage.
Wow... and Arials can take a lot of abuse without damage. What amp were you using..and is the amp ok? I am a bit skeptical that you fried EVERYTHING. Is this repair person legitimate ..or is he your next door neighbor? Does your amp and/or speakers have fuses?
send them to Aerial!
Suggest connecting a different set of speakers to your rig(any will do). Sounds like you blew a fuse and not the speaker itself. Do the Aerials have fuses?
There are no fuses that anyone can find.The repair guy is legit.I originaly got his name from boise's only high end stereo shop. I have had good sucess with him before.He says in 25 years of working on stereo equipment he has never seen anything like it before.The crossovers are smoke stained. The insulation is black.He says it looks like they almost caught on fire.We were temoraraly powering them with an old Ampzilla. It is probably dead but have not checked it out. Mercifully the Aerial preamp is ok.The QUESTION is ,if we buy parts from Aerial, it will cost 1,500to 2,000. Is it worth it? Is there a cheaper way with out compromising qualty?
Theres a a pair of Rosewood Aerial 7 on Ebay right now..No bidders and price is low..You can make one nice pair????????
If you can brush away the soot and identify the drivers (manufacturer, model number), then IF they are off-the-shelf drivers perhaps you can purchase them from either Madisound or Parts Express at some savings.

If they are not off-the-shelf drivers, then buy the replacement drivers from Aerial.

You might ask your technician if it would be feasible to repair the crossovers, as it's unlikely that all the components are fried (though I'll admit to having no experience with fried crossovers). It might not be worth it considering what he'd have to charge you for his time as compared to just buying the replacements from Aerial. Cloning the crossover again might not be cost-effective when you factor in his time, even if he could determine what the original component values are.

In my opinion, you do not want to end up trying to do a re-design of the crossover for a bunch of different drivers. That will almost certainly give you disappointing results relative to the original, because a lot more time and expertise went into the original than you can afford to put into a re-design.

The only way to repair them right is send them to aerial or buy the parts. All their drivers are custom, nothing you will find off the shelf. The speakers are worth enough to repair the right way.

At the very least you need recone kits for all drivers probably and a whole new set of Xovers. Easier to swap entire drivers though than deal with reconing them.