Aerial Model 20T vs Wilson WP7 vs Vandersteen 5A

How does the AERIAL ACOUSTICS MODEL 20T compare to the VANDERSTEEN 5A and Wilson WP7?
I was waiting for one of the GON s elite to get this rolling but I guess i will add my two cents . I listened to all three. I am an Aerial man to put the record straight btw. I have an Aerial system . That said I can share my experiences with all three. I like the Vandy 5a . I heard them in the same showroom that the Aerial 20 and WP 7 was in . There is a sound that is so seductive from the 5a that I still may purchase a pair for another system . They produce a sound that is unlike most speakers I have ever heard. There is a " lifeness " that draws you into the music and ameliorates the tendacy to start tweaking once the system has been properly room balanced. This speaker plays lots of music well , not just audiophile recordings . I do not think that the sound is what I would describe as overly clinical to put it mildly but neither is it a colored speaker . The WP 7 is an imaging champion from my audition . Not as clinical as others in their line in that the detail is all there but has a smoother overall presentation than I expected. The bass was very good to excellent as well as the midrange. Overall presentation was coohesive and was striking in its ability to vanish . Ms. Krall may as well have been sitting in the room singing for all I could tell. I could live with this speaker for a lifetime and for audiophile recordings , I would be in heaven. The Aerials have a top end and 3-d like midrange that simply took my breath away. I personally fely that it was every bit as resolved as the WP7 if not more so . This is Mr Kellys crowning achievment of decades of research and it shows up in one of the most beautiful sounding and looking speakers on the planet . The cabinetry and finish are simply something to go gaga over and that was the finishing blow. These are just my personal observations and I encourage discussion as these are three outrageous speakers anyone would be proud to own.
OK, Brain. What showroom was that?
all three are on display at Audio Advice in raleigh N.c. Ivan is a contact. I love that name btw .... swampwalker... I grin every time I read something you post on.
Aerial 20t's are in a different league, highly additive sounding speaker.
Thanks Brain, same back at ya ;~). Next time I go to NC to play golf, I may have to find time to get to Raleigh!
Don't go hear the 20t's it will cost you $$$$$$. lots of it!