Aerial LR 5 or Thiel MCS 1 for ultimate HT SYS?

I cannot afford to do this more than once!!!!!
Which system would you go with The Aerial lr5,cc5,7b or
the entire system in Thiel MCS 1.

If not these, then what do you suggest?

Also, Classe 75 and cav 500 or krell hts and kav 200a/5?

I need your advice.
Since you asked here's my take. Ariel Acoustic makes a great product for home/theatre.

Having said that let me explain how my system came to be. When it came time for me to jump into the high-end H/T game an opportunity arose to purchase two demo MCS1's with stands, so I did. Later I added another for my center. I completed the system with two SCS3 speakers in the rear. I can honestly say this system kicks butt.

I also run a Velodyne HGS-15 Very nice!

As for Classe YES, THANK YOU:~)

I use a CA-301 to run the front left and right (Balanced) and the CAV-150 for the center (Balanced) and rears (RCA). This two-amp combo produces 600 watts per channel x five into 4ohms. My gear is all Theta, cabling is MIT. This system is complete with no where else to go for the time being.

I can honestly say that for my room this H/T system continually blows my mind and some times my eardrums. Absolutely amazing!
I auditioned the aerial L5 but I bought the 8b's, if you are mainly interested in ht the L5 is the way to go, I lean more towards music , this is just my opinion, also, I am using the krell kav 1500, it is basicly the same inside as the new krell 5 channel, the krell is a excellent choice for the aerials, I have not heard the theils, but imo the aerials are the way to go, good luck
I've owned both the Aerial (LR3/CC3b) and Thiels (MCS1, used as a center channel w/CS7.2). The MCS1 is not as dark sounding as the Aerials, has better resolution, and yet sounds natural with voices and intruments. Musically, I think the MCS1 is the better speaker. For HT the Aerials have the upper hand when it comes to shear output, dynamics, and punch. The MCS1 can soften a little on the loudest dynamic passages. Both Aerial and Thiel sound great with Classe amps, although you will need more power to drive the Aerials to their potential, especially if you're considering the LR5/CC5. The MCS1 is quite sensitive @ ~90 db, where as the Aerials are around 86db. Both have great build quality. I'd choose the CAV-500 for the Aerials, or the Thiels, but you could probably get away with a CAV-180 with the MCS1s. The Theta Dreadnaught would also be a good choice.
Ok Tom you never told us what amps you’re using? And what prattle are you using for rear speakers? Inquiring minds want to know. I've had people tell me the 7.2 are a mother to juice up. Do you really need 400watt monos for those babies? Do you still own them? What's your take on the 7.2 in general? I have been wrestling with the idea of using the CS6 as my fronts and moving the two MCS1's to the rear. So much for no where to go:~)
When it came time for up to upgrade from my NHT SuperTwo HT setup, my number one priority was a no holds barred HT setup. Since HT was my first priority, I wanted to get the best sounding center channel that was within my budget. The Aerial CC5 was the best candidate. The LR5's naturally fit with the CC5, and I decided to go with the Theta Dreadnaught to power them. I have the SR3's on order, and also use a Velodyne HGS-18 for my sub. Once the SR3's arrive, I am very tempted to get dual SW-12's for my front, and keep the Velo 18 in the rear. My preamp is a Lexicon MC1, with a MC12b also on order.
Glen, to keep it short, i'm driving my CS7.2s with a Classe Omega Omicron amp, 350/700/1400 wpc. I have an Aerial CC3b for my center, and Paradigm Ref ADPs for surrounds. These are driven by a Parasound HCA-2205 5x220 wpc amp. The rest of my system consists of a M&K 350THX sub, Meridian 561, Sony DVP7700, and Sony W400Q projector. For two channel I have a Meridian 508.24 and Sonic Frontiers Line 3 frontend with all balanced ics.

I did own the MCS1 and LR3s, sold both, and have re-integrated my two channel and HT systems. To switch between HT and Music, I just switch to balanced input on the Omicron, take down the screen, and move the center channel out of the way.

If you like the way your CA301 drives/drove your CS3.6s, then you'll be fine with either the CS6 or CS7.2. That isn't to say you won't hear a difference with more current and power. In the Thiel line the CS7.2s are the most complete sounding speaker. The driver integration is very good, it has the best transition from bass to mids, midrange is excellent, and it is not as bright as other Thiels.

Three MCS1s up front is a nice setup. Going with either the CS6 or CS7.2 would certainly enhance music playback, for both cds and movies, and may add more oomph. I think you would loose some of the seamlessness left<->right that 3 MCS1s provide.
Since you're posting in, I'm assuming that musical reproduction is your top priority and not movie soundtracks. If that is the case, then I highly recommend a good pair of used Aerial Acoustic 10T's. Forget about surround sound for now. Focus on getting the best 2 channel system you can afford perhaps with a pre/pro instead of a 2 channel pre-amp. With proper equipment and speaker placement, you'll be amazed at the openness and 3-D soundstage. You can pick up the used 10T's here on for around $3000 to $4500 depending on year, finish, and condition. You'll probably save money because you will not need the extra speakers, cabling, and amplification for the surround. Your movies will sound better because of the sonic qualities of the 10T's. Once you have that 2 channel to your liking, then if you still desire surrounds(I doubt that you will) you can add in Aerial's center, surrounds, and even their sub at a later time. With the 10T's full range capabilities, you can even forgo the subwoofer for now if it's not in your budget. You will hardly know it's not there.

The one caveate is that the 10T's perform best with a powerful amp. One of the best little secrets in amplifiers is the Odyssey Stratos sold only thru the web. They sell for $995 each and a pair of monoblocks sell for $2100 fully loaded. Check out their website, the reviews found there, and then check out consumer feedback on You should see something like a 5.0 rating (5 being the best) from about 90 consumers. For that price, they are fast, powerful, etc.. I know several people that have them and love 'em. And for that price, you could eventually buy two or three more for your future surround speakers if you still choose to go down that path.

my two cents (you get what you pay for)